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Wet Panty Masturbation 1
Sometimes wetting your panties (or even just thinking about it) can make a girl so horny that she just needs to get off!  Skymouse has captured this connection in the first of a new series of movies called Wet Panty Masturbation!


Scene One
In the first scene, Nicki is sitting on the living room floor playing with herself through her panties.  She needs to pee which just adds to the turn on.  While she is masturbating, Michelle walks in and catches her.  Nicki confesses to being totally horny because of her full bladder.  She confides to Michelle that making little wet patches in her panties just turns her on even more.  She shows Michelle how she does it and invites Michelle to try it.  Michelle admits she needs to pee but she wants to hold it a little longer while she watches Nicki do it.  Nicki proceeds to get herself off while flooding her panties and the floor!  Then Michelle tries it but isn't able to hold her pee back to just make little wet patches and soaks her panties.  Soon they are both touching each other, masturbating to climax, and even swapping wet panties after repeatedly peeing.


Scene Two
In the second scene, Julia is laying in bed reading a book while playing with herself.  Soon she drops the book to give her complete attention to her sexual urges.  With a strong need to pee, she starts wetting her panties while continuing to play with herself.  Soon she has totally soaked herself and her bed but that does not stop her busy fingers until she gets every last drop of pee to warm her fingers and panties!


Scene Three
In scene three, Mouse is on the rooftop doing a pee dance.  When the urge to go becomes so strong she can't hold back any longer, she lets her red panties receive the golden shower.  The smiles of ecstasy make her face glow and soon she is sitting on the roof tiles playing with her wet pussy and panties.


Scene Four
In the next scene, Tiffany and Morrigan show what real pee buddies they have become!  As they lay side by side in bed together, they indulge their full bladders and horny feelings by wetting their panties and bed before masturbating themselves to orgasm.


Scene Five
In scene five, Anya is enjoying a wet dream somewhere in that state between being awake and asleep.  She begins by wetting her panties and the bed which wakes her just enough to sense the stimulation and arousal of her wet panties and pussy.  Soon she is fingering herself in her blissful dream state.


Scene Six
In scene six, Julia is watching a Skymouse watersports videos on her laptop and getting very turned on by what she sees.  She plays with herself and can't help but wet herself like the girl in the video.  Pretty soon her full attention is on her own body and the pleasure she is feeling.  She certainly knows how to cum and go at the same time!


Scene Seven
In the seventh scene, Mouse is dancing to her favorite music and feeling the sexual excitement of a very full bladder.  Without missing a beat, she lets little squirts go in her panties so she can feel the warm pee run down her legs.  Finally, little squirts are not enough and she lets it all go flooding her panties and the carpet.  It is all such a giant turn on that she has no choice but to get herself off.


Running Time: 77 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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