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Wetting Her Panties 8
Some girls derive a lot of pleasure from wetting their panties!  Many guys get a lot of pleasure from watching them!  Get your enjoyment from seeing the Skymouse girls indulge their naughty side as they wet themselves for you!


Scene One
In the first scene, Angelina is visiting the Eiffel Tower and has to pee badly.  She finds a park bench a short distance from the base of the tower and wets her panties while sitting on the bench!  What a naughty girl!


Scene Two
In the second scene, Elle enjoys the feeling of being desperate.  When she can't stand to hold on any longer, she stands up, lifts her dress, and wets her panties.  The look of relief and enjoyment are written all over her face.


Scene Three
Natalie is sleeping in scene 3.  She wakes up, gets dressed, and goes to the bathroom for her morning pee.  It is occupied and she can't get in.  She tries waiting patiently and even tries to distract herself from her urgent need by reading the paper.  Eventually she wets her panties in the hallway outside the bathroom door.


Scene Four
Kalli enjoys the delightful feeling of a full bladder in scene 4.  She has thoughts of anticipation about wetting herself.  She lifts her blue denim skirt and lets the flood flow through her pink panties as she enjoys the thrill of wetting her panties.


Scene Five
In scene 5, Nicki and Niki are having a contest to see who can hold it the longest.  As they “trash talk” each other, Nicki finally gives up and wets her panties as Niki watches.  As soon as she finishes, Niki wets her panties too as Nicki watches.  What a fun way to spend the afternoon!


Scene Six
In the 6th scene, Tammy rushes home so she can use the bathroom.  She makes it to her apartment door but then fumbles with the key in her hast to get the door unlocked.  Finally, she gets inside her apartment but then can't get the bathroom door open.  At this point, she is starting to leak in her sweat pants so she just gives in to the feeling of release and wets her panties after pulling her sweat pants down to her knees.  When she finishes peeing, she goes to another room and undresses completely as she inspects her wet panties with a look of delight and satisfaction on her face.


Scene Seven
In the seventh scene, Tara has been waiting a long time to indulge her favorite fantasy.  As you may recall from previous videos, she has a very large bladder capacity and it is no different this time.  She stands in her shower and releases the torrent inside her.  When she finishes, she is so turned on that she slides her hand inside her panties to play with her clit.


Scene Eight
Tiffany and Natalie are up to their old tricks in the eighth scene.  When Natalie can't get into the bathroom, she eventually lifts her skirts and wets her panties.  Just then, Tiffany comes along to tease her about her wet panties and ends up wetting her own panties.


Scene Nine
In scene 9, Zuzana is walking along a canal and feeding the ducks.  She has to pee and there are no restrooms around anywhere.  She sits on a bench and decides to enjoy her predicament by wetting her panties.


Scene Ten
Kalli is back in scene 10.  She has let her bladder fill to the bursting point so she can enjoy that exquisite feeling of warm release in her pants and panties.  She puts her hand in her pants to play with her clit as she starts to wet them.  She gets so excited that she can't pee any more.  She takes off her jeans to inspect the wet patch on her panties.  Then she puts on another pair of panties so she can start all over again with dry panties!  She sits on the toilet with her panties on and releases the floodgates as she enjoys the fantastic feeling.


Running Time: 86 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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