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Wetting Her Panties 7
More panty wetting by sexy, beautiful girls as only Skymouse can do it!  You will see panty wetting in every scene.  It is now available on DVD and video.  See for yourself why so many people love Skymouse and their models!


Scene One
In the first scene, Angelina is all dressed up ready for a date and has been holding her pee for a long time.  That tingling sensation along with the expectations of a hot time on her date has made her feel quite naughty.  She decided to hold her pee until she is bursting and then lets it flow through her panties while she sits at her makeup table.


Scene Two
In the second scene, Lava and Gini are dressed only in their panties and are in a playful mood.  Gini tells Lava she needs to pee and then stands in front of her and wets her panties!  Lava examines what Gini has done and it gets her turned on!  Lava starts playing with herself as Gini basks in the attention.  Then Lava starts playing with Gini's clit through her wet panties!


Scene Three
Nicki is holding her pee as long as she can in scene 3.  She enjoys the release of a full bladder and especially enjoys the feeling of her warm pee as it soaks through her panties.  It is such a pleasant feeling when she finally lets it flow and then she examines the wet patch on her panties.


Scene Four
Caroline indulges her preference for wetting her panties instead of using the toilet in scene 4.  Caroline stands in the shower enjoying those last few moments before she knows she will have to pee.  Then with her legs apart, the damn bursts and her pee floods through her panties in a strong stream!  She caresses her body as she revels in the wonderful feeling before leaving the bathroom still wearing her soaking wet panties!


Scene Five
In scene 5 Nicki and Kira are enjoying some drinks out on their patio when Nicki admits he needs to pee and decides to do it right in front of Kira in her pants.  Kira is a little more shy about such activities but she is impressed and inspired by what Nicki has done.  She squats down in front of her chair and pees right there in her panties!


Scene Six
Angelina is at a Christmas party in the 6th scene and has slipped away from the other guests into the laundry room to guzzle down some more beverages.  This creates some strong urges to pee since her bladder is full already.  She casually lifts her short Santa dress and pees through her panties on the rug.  That was such a great feeling she decides to have another beverage before returning to the party.  We bet she will be back in the laundry room very soon for a repeat performance!


Scene Seven
Lava and Gini are back in scene 7 and we catch them watching the soccer playoffs on TV.  They don't want to miss a moment of this exciting tournament especially with all the cute guys to watch!  Yet they have a problem... they both need to pee very badly!  It has reached painful proportions for Lava and she finally decides to just stand and wet her panties so she does not miss any of the game.  Gini enjoys the sight as much as the game she is watching.  Gini finally decides to stand and wet her panties too so she doesn't have to miss any of the game.  Lava then wets her panties again because the need to pee returned quickly after being so desperate.


Scene Eight
Karolina is a deliberate wetter!  In scene 8 she sits at the top of the stairs on a towel holding her pee as long as she can.  When she reaches the point where she is absolutely bursting, she starts letting short little squirts of pee out into her panties!  She likes to pull her panties tight to her body to make the warm pee swirl around her pussy.  Soon the short squirts give way to a full release as her pee rushes around her panties and onto the towel.  She is in a state of ecstasy from wetting herself!


Scene Nine
In scene 9, Caroline and Angelina are in a silly mood as they begin tickling each other.  Caroline admits she has to pee and Angelina admits she does too but she can hold it longer than Caroline can.  The girls continue tickling each other trying to make the other one pee first.  Eventually Caroline becomes too desperate and runs to the corner of the room she she stands wetting her panties!  Angelina laughs at her but when she gets too close and teases Caroline, Caroline grabs her and tickles her some more.  This makes Angelina lose it and she wets her pajama bottoms as Caroline continues tickling her.


Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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