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Wetting Her Panties 6
Skymouse continues to offer the best panty wetting content!  This sixth title provides desperation coupled with intentional wetting of skirts, panties, and jeans.  It is now available on DVD and VHS video.  See for yourself why so many people love Skymouse and their models!


Scene One
In the first scene, Rose Wood begins in frantic desperation, literally running from place to place while she struggles not to pee herself under her tiny black mini skirt.  She stands outside a locked toilet with her hand shoved into her crotch.  Finally, Rose gives up and lifts her skirt high enough for her pink panties to show as she allows her pee to spurt through her panties before pulling them aside.


Scene Two
In the second scene, Kaz relaxes on a swing giving a perfect view of her panties under her short skirt.  Without a care in the world, she starts wetting her panties!  As she swings back and forth, the stream runs out beneath her.  Kaz's panties shine and darken with the silvery wetness as she sits there pissing herself.


Scene Three
In scene 3, it is Charlie's turn to sit back and have some fun!  She's been holding her pee all day in preparation for her naughty plans.  Desperation is a big part of Charlie's pleasure.  She likes to work herself into a frenzy in which she can barely contain herself.  Charlie's hands are all over herself, and she couldn't stay still if she tried!  Finally, the relief comes as her pee gushes through her panties.  This is the moment of sweet ecstasy!


Scene Four
Sandy is being interviewed for a job in the 4th scene and she forgot to use the toilet first!  Finally her need is so urgent that she dashes off to the restroom.  When she gets there, she can't wait even long enough to get her pants down.  Instead, she slumps to the floor as she begins wetting her pants!  Sandy removes her wet pants and squats in front of the toilet as she releases the remaining pee straight through her panties before putting on a dry skirt and returning to her job interview.  As the interview progresses, Sandy keeps feeling and rubbing herself through her wet panties as she pees some more under the table.  We think she got the job!


Scene Five
In scene 5, Rose is back again and from the look on her face, she has something very naughty in mind.  She is planning to wet her panties on purpose!  That is exactly what she does as we watch her pee stream through her panties and onto the floor.


Scene Six
In the 6th scene, it's time for Charlie to have some more desperation pleasure!  This time, Charlie is playing her game in her bathroom.  She's in her jeans and bursting to pee.  All she can do is push her hand between her legs and try to hold on.  Charlie finally loses control and submits to the feeling as a dark patch expands across her jeans.  When Charlie has a wet accident in her undies, it turns her on like nothing else.  Wetting herself provides an afterglow almost as strong as an orgasm for Charlie!


Scene Seven
Koko has been doing her gym routine in the 7th scene and she is increasingly distracted by her need to pee.  She has to stop every few seconds to squeeze her legs together.  Koko's sexy little gym outfit suddenly looks even nicer as she pulls up her skirt and pisses through her matching panties.


Scene Eight
Clair is about to do something very naughty and kinky in the last scene.  From the look on her face, it's going to be something very sexy.  Clair is bursting to pee and she wants to tease you as she teases herself with the possibility of losing control.  She sits there, squirming and holding herself, trying to hang on as long as she can.  Her desperation is genuine and she's doing it fully aware that we are watching her!  Once the involuntary leakage starts, there's no stopping it.  The dark wetness spreads into a huge area and starts to drip.  Clair loves to wet herself like this, and it makes it an even bigger buzz for her to know how sexy she looks doing it.


Running Time: 64 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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