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Wetting Her Panties 5
Featuring Nicky O, Lucy, Gem, Anya, Nicki, Zoe, Julia, Mouse, Cherry Blossom, Candice Paris, Tiffany, Natalie, and Charlotte in 11 scenes of desperate girls deliberately wetting their skirts, panties, and jeans.  You also see bedwetting by girls who are drunk and many scenes with girls masturbating while wetting their pants and panties.  Watch the pleasure these girls experience as they release their bursting bladders and wet themselves.


Scene One
In the first scene, Gem needs a pee but in her drunkenness, she wonders into a closet and pees in her panties!

After Gem has finished peeing her panties and collapsed again on the bed, Lucy promptly stands up on the bed, lifts up the front of her blue denim miniskirt, and pees her white panties.

Meanwhile, Nicky is starting to leak in her pretty pink dress.  At first she is unaware of the growing visible wet spot in her panties - but finally she wakes up to find her dress soaked.


Scene Two
In the second scene, Anya badly needs to pee and it is making her horny.  She indulges both her needs by sitting down and playing with herself as she pees her panties, the back of her skirt, and makes a puddle where she is sitting.  It is obvious how much pleasure she gets from wetting herself while she gets off!


Scene Three
Zoe is giving Nicki a piano lesson in scene 3 but Nicki has a problem - she has to pee!  Zoe refuses to let Nicki leave until she plays her music correctly but the more Nicki gets desperate, the more she hits the wrong notes!  Finally, with Nicki unable to sit or stand still, her jeans very rapidly start to glisten and the wet patch uncontrollably spreads.


Scene Four
In the fourth scene, Julia decides to have a quick “shower” and there is a little extra pleasure in addition to the warm water hitting her body!  It is the warm water leaving her body as she wets her panties and plays with herself through the wet panties!


Scene Five
In scene 5, as Mouse is washing the dishes, she is having a wet accident in her jeans - and she loves it!

From the first spurt that jets freely through her jeans to the wildly growing dark glistening wet patches at the front and back of her pants, the thrilling feeling is obvious on Mouse's face!

Mouse is in no hurry to clear up after her jeans accident.  She loves to feel the wetness for as long as possible as her hands slip inside her panties.


Scene Six
The 6th scene starts with Cherry in the woods contemplating how to satisfy her naughty desires.  She runs her hands under her long skirt and up her legs.  While caressing herself, she spreads her legs as she sits under a tree and lets her pee soak through her panties, the back of her skirt, and then run downhill like a babbling brook.

After she finishes her playtime, she stands up and examines the back of her wet skirt.


Scene Seven
In scene 7 Anya is holding her crotch and we soon find out why.  A huge wet patch spreads in her jeans as the hot pee floods and soaks through Anya's panties.  We get to see her wet jeans from the back and front and when she pulls her jeans down to show how wet her panties are, she can't resist making a final spurt in her panties.

Anya gets really aroused when she wets her pants and rubs herself to add to her pleasure.


Scene Eight
In scene 8 we see Nicky O, Gem and Lucy enjoying a picnic together.  Suddenly everyone notices a wet patch right in the crotch of Gem's jeans.

As the girls laugh about Gem's little accident, another little accident is already happening and this time it's Lucy.  Her pale beige pants are getting a wet patch of their own.  You go girls!


Scene Nine
In scene 9, we see Candice Paris, who is famous for her outrageous sexual exhibitionism, provide a cock tease for unsuspecting visitors at an ourdoor park.  In a very rare and unique video footage, Candice Paris is at her flirtatious best, giving a very naughty show of her white panties under her tight blue miniskirt, and crossing her legs and holding herself in an unmistakable show of pee desperation.

When Candice Paris starts to wet her panties, she wants it to be seen.  She knows you're already looking up her skirt so she plays with the role of a damsel in distress as she releases her full bladder and pisses her panties while making it as obvious and visible as possible.  She squats on top of a picnic table making sure everyone around can see her wet skirt.


Scene Ten
In scene 10, Tiffany is doing a workout on gym equipment with her personal trainer, Natalie, who bosses her around.  Tiffany is bursting to pee but Natalie won't allow her to take a break until she finishes her exercises.

Tiffany's protests go unheeded and she finally reaches the bursting point and refuses to suffer any longer.  Tiffany's pink gym shorts start to glisten and shine as she pees them.


Scene Eleven
Charlotte's idea of a turnon is wetting her panties so in scene 11 she wets herself just for the sexual thrill.  Charlotte is wearing a pair of light blue panties and exposes them from underneath her short, light yellow sun dress as she prepares for a moment of sexual bliss.

Charlotte wets her panties while running her hands up and down her body to enhance the sexual feelings.  Then she removes her panties to expose her shaven pussy.


Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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