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Wetting Her Panties 4
Starring Julia, Ebony, Nicki, Tiffany, Natalie, Paige, Zoe, Starr, Chantelle, Wendy, Charlotte, Frenchie, Starr, Chantelle, and Autumn.  This latest title contains more girls than ever before and has a total of 10 scenes with a lot of desperation and intentional wetting of jeans, skirts, and panties.


Scene One
In the first scene, Julia is fantasizing about a wetting adventure.  As she lies masturbating in her white panties on her bed, we see into her mind's eye in which she has a desperate pee accident in her jeans.  Her panties are getting soaked back down on earth, too.


Scene Two
In the second scene, Nicki arrives at her friend Ebony's house.  They've both been drinking plenty of liquids and have been looking forward to playing their special game together.  The giggling pair treat us to some wonderful wettings - Nicki soaking her blue jeans and pale green panties and Ebony lifting up her black miniskirt to pee in her white panties.  In the end, her panties are soaked, just like Nicki's, and she gives us some great lingering looks at her wet panties!


Scene Three
Tiffany and Natalie return in scene 3, and this time Tiffany is a very pushy sales rep trying to sell her photocopiers to Natalie, who frankly is not interested.  To make matters worse, both girls need to pee.  Natalie is the first one to make it obvious, with her crossed legs and squirming.  Soon she's standing up and hopelessly pissing her panties.  If you like seeing smart, sexy girls in office clothes completely wetting their panties, now is the time.  Amid Tiffany's frustration at failing to make her sale, she quickly gets too desperate to hold on, and becomes the second pissy wet casualty as the stream gushes out through her panties.


Scene Four
When the delightful Paige has a walk in the countryside, it's always an opportunity for her to indulge her jeans-pissing pleasures.  After crouching down to piss herself, Paige revels in her soaked jeans before taking them down to reveal the dark wet soaked patch in her full-backed white cotton panties.  As she walks away saucily, we get a good look at her seriously soaked panty-covered butt.


Scene Five
In scene 5 we welcome the first appearance of Zoe, a friend of Nicki, who is discovering the beautiful joys of panty-wetting.  Nicki begins by demonstrating a first class jeans wetting, showing Zoe what happens as the wetness spreads across her jeans!  Zoe soon wets her pants in response, and there's no doubt that she's going to be hooked on this sexy fun from now on.  As the scene finished, the two girls look at each other's pissy panties and jeans to compare how wet they are.


Scene Six
The sixth scene gives us a glimpse of Wendy's hapless experiences in a useless and ineffective hospital ward.  After waiting patiently for seemingly hours following her scan, she is bursting for a pee and there are no nurses around to help.  The bumbling doctor, when he makes his appearance, is worse than unhelpful, and Wendy can't avoid finally spurting and gushing in her panties and all over the floor.


Scene Seven
We introduce the cute and sexy Charlotte in the seventh scene.  Behind Charlotte's sweet and innocent appearance - especially once she has treated us by getting dressed into her little school skirt and uniform - she has a rebellious and naughty attitude which she expresses by sitting on the stairs, letting us see her perfect white panties under her pleated skirt, and peeing herself into a state of sexual excitement.  Charlotte makes it very obvious that wetting her panties is a deeply sexy and sensual act.  Her turned on pouts and movements are a breathtaking invitation for us to keep looking up her tiny pleated skirt to see the pissy wetness in her white cotton panties.


Scene Eight
It's no secret that Frenchie likes to pee her pants whenever the opportunity arises.  In scene 8, we get a rear view of her jeans as they start to glisten, and there are further delights when Frenchie pulls them down to finish soaking her panties and making more streams.


Scene Nine
In scene 9, rather than answer the question of what girls talk about when they go to the bathroom, we watch them staying in the bar, clearly enjoying the effects of their drinks.  Although they should go to the bathroom, they don't - and the result is giggly, girly wet-pantied mayhem in the middle of the bar room.


Scene Ten
Autumn is bursting to pee in scene 10.  She wriggles about on her chair, then gets up, hops from foot to foot, and eventually just can't hold it.  She pulls up her pink mini-skirt to show her white polka-dotted panties, which she proceeds to pee forcefully in until they're hopelessly soaked.


Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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