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Wetting Her Panties 3
Skymouse continues to provide the best panty wetting content in this latest installment of Wetting Her Panties!  This third title is specifically for lovers of skirt and panty wetting which is what you will see in every scene.  It is now available on DVD.  See for yourself why so many people love Skymouse and their models!


Scene One
Sabrina has just woke up and is late for an interview.  She quickly puts on her bra and panties and heads to the kitchen to make some coffee even though she has an urge to pee.  While she is there, her friend calls her and she can't get her off the phone.  You get to watch her pee dance before she loses it and begins wetting her panties.  She enjoys the feeling so much that she pees some more through her panties right on her kitchen floor.  She then perches on the counter top and empties her bladder in a final pee off the edge onto the floor!


Scene Two
Nicki and Michelle are playing a game on a writing pad while playing another game of who can hold their pee the longest.  They are both desperate and keep encouraging each other to give in first.  Before long, they are both wetting their panties.  They then compare the wet patches on their panties and in this game, they are both winners!


Scene Three
Sandie is at her computer and chatting with a friend online.  She enjoys filling her bladder in preparation for wetting her panties and describing the feeling in her chat session.  Soon she is soaking her panties, the towel under her, and the floor as her pee runs off the edge of her chair.


Scene Four
Natalie Jones is totally desperate!  There is no point in using the bathroom when you can enjoy the anticipation of giving in to the pressure and enjoying the warm flow through your panties and down your legs.  This is exactly what Natalie does and you get to watch!


Scene Five
Julia is trying on different outfits in preparation for going out for the evening.  She needs to pee but that does not slow her down from trying on tight pants and a long black dress.  Soon she gives in to the pressure and begins wetting her panties!  What a great way to prepare for a night out on the town!


Scene Six
Chantelle is an uncaring guard who holds Starr as her prisoner.  Starr desperately needs to pee and asks to use the toilet but Chantelle is unrelenting in her insistence that Starr remain behind her bars regardless of how much she needs to pee.  Soon Starr is wetting her panties and crying about her predicament.


Scene Seven
Wendy is a teacher who has a student, Thompson, who is a disciplinary problem.  While Wendy waits for an apology from Thompson, she grows more and more desperate to pee.  Wendy continues to lecture Thompson on what is expected of her students until she has an accident and wets her panties.  She continues peeing for a long time and admits how utterly embarrassed she is about her loss of control.  There is a surprise ending but we won't give it away!


Scene Eight
Sabrina is sitting on her couch and completely absorbed in reading a book.  She is desperate to pee but is so engrossed in her novel that she can’t put it down for a moment.  She tries to hold it by pressing on her pussy but in the end, she gives in and wets her panties after sliding to the edge of her seat and letting it go.  She enjoys the warm sensations so much that she kneels in front of the couch and continues peeing through her panties.  Whoever knew that Bridget Jones was such a great author!


Scene Nine
Julia gets ready for bed and shortly after falling asleep, she wakes up with a need to pee.  She keeps hearing strange noises in addition to the thunder from a storm outside.  She opens her bedroom door to go to the bathroom but quickly closes it again after some loud animal noises greet her.  She is so scared that she wets her panties and then climbs back into bed.  She is awoken again by the sounds of something entering her bedroom.  We won't give away the surprise ending!


Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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