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Wetting Her Panties 2
Skymouse has done it again!  Their second title is now available on DVD.  Their panty wetting scenes are extremely popular and now you can watch even more with their latest release!


Scene One
A tanned, well-endowed Michelle B. has been out partying for a while and returns to her hotel room.  She finds it impossible to get up to use the bathroom with the bed spinning so hard.  Vowing never to drink again, she lets her pee flow all over her white panties and the bed, leaving her comfortably able to sleep.  The poor girl is not nearly so comfortable the next morning, but we sure feel good watching her walk around the room completely naked.


Scene Two
Sabrina is so addicted to her video games that she knows from experience that she might just get carpet burn on her rear from sitting on the rug for so long while trying to reach a new high score.  She surprises herself by finding another use for the towel when she can’t put down her game to go to the bathroom, and discovers a new sexy hobby.


Scene Three
Nicki has a sleepover with Elle and confesses her wetting fetish.  Elle finds that very exciting and gives it a try with Nicki's help and guidance.  Elle then watches as Nicki the expert wets her panties as well and they become pee pals.  Two beautiful wet blondes having a little girl fun.


Scene Four
“I can’t believe she made me do that!”  Naughty friend Mystiq refuses to unlock the door for a desperate-to-pee Sahara.  Mystiq really enjoys watching Sahara wet her jeans on the doorstep while pleading for entrance to the house.  Finally she lets Sahara in but only after she removes her wet jeans on the porch.  Very good jeans wetting and lots of laughs!


Scene Five
“Pissy Pants” JoMay phones her friend Nicki to tell her what a naughty thing she did to the boss’s new carpet while he kept her waiting in his office.  We get to see for ourselves the look of ecstasy on her face as she goes about teaching the boss not to keep a girl waiting for too long.  Nicki loves hearing about it and gets so excited that she gets up and pees a river right next to her bed.  Where does so much come from out of such a tiny girl?


Scene Six
Later that day, Nicki finds herself in the same office study that JoMay had been in, and wouldn’t you know it? He’s late again.  Nicki can't believe that he’s keeping her waiting so long.  And then it dawns on her: this is the same boss who kept her friend JoMay waiting so long that she puddled her knickers and the floor!  Well, Nicki decides to do the very same thing, and with the naughtiest of smiles on her face - with just a trace of guilt too - she lets go in her tight jeans, so they quickly glisten and darken.

Nicki and JoMay meet up that night.  They take turns twanging each other’s wet panties, and excitedly discuss the day’s wettings and the resulting condition of their panties which neither of them have changed all day despite multiple piss floods.  JoMay needs to pee again, though, and with Nicki there to admire her, she bends over and lets a hot wet stream hiss through her panties once again.  All in all, it’s been a very productive wet day for Nicki and JoMay.


Scene Seven
Tiffany, the secretary, is bursting for a pee but doesn’t want to leave her desk.  She can’t hold it any longer and wets her panties.  When her boss (Tasmin) comes in, she confesses her wet accident.  Tasmin tells her not too worry as she quietly adds her own pee to Tiffany’s puddle without Tiffany seeing her.  Two very healthy panty wettings by two very beautiful business women.


Scene Eight
Candice Paris rushes out of her car to and into the woods to find somewhere to pee.  Pretty Candice is wearing her super tight white pants and as she jiggles, you know that her accident is going to be very visible.  Sure enough, when she starts to piss in her pants, they become dark and clingy.


Scene Nine
Nicki’s newest pee pal Elle enjoyed wetting her panties so much earlier that she runs in and wants Nicki to watch her pee them again.  Of course Nicki is more than happy to comply and soon follows her example by completely drenching her own tight jeans.  She gives us a great view of her wet panties afterwards as well along with a little lesson to Elle about peeing while out with a man.  Who wouldn’t want to be out with her?


Scene Ten
An extremely anxious Mystiq finally is able to jump from her friend’s car and just make it into the nearest backyard.  As she runs, she kicks off her shoes and starts peeing the second she gets them off.  This is truly a desperate girl who has a huge expression of relief on her face after flooding her jeans.  Her friend really kept her waiting much too long before he pulled the car over.


Scene Eleven
This time it's really not her fault!  Honestly!  Nicki is bursting for a pee and the door is locked.  She tries her best, but some “silly cow” won’t let her into the bathroom!  She gives us a really nice long desperation scene with some of the best pee dancing you will ever see before finally giving up and wetting her pink panties and the carpeted floor.  Some great shots of her lovely wet bum follow.


Scene Twelve
Mystiq and Sahara escape from a party and head downstairs to the indoor pool room with their drinks to have a little girl talk.  After a little while they both need to pee pretty badly and decide it just might be more fun to do it together right there in their panties.  This is where the real party starts!


Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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