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Wetting Her Panties 10
It is more sexy wetness from Skymouse as your favorite girls show the excitement and pleasure they get from wetting their panties.


Scene One
In the first scene, Katy is walking down the street and deperate to pee.  She finds a building that looks like it might have a public restroom but it is empty inside.  She spreads her legs, lifts her skirt, and wets her panties which makes a big puddle on the floor.


Scene Two
In the second scene, Kaz is walking along the river and needs to pee.  She knows the delights of peeing in her pants and stands by a railing watching the boats as she releases her warm pee and lets it run down the legs of her jeans.


Scene Three
Kelly wakes up from a nap in scene 3 and needs to pee badly.  She holds on for a little bit to build up the anticipation of the sensations she will feel.  Then she wets her jeans before pulling them down and massaging her clit through her wet panties.


Scene Four
Sofia is sitting on her couch in scene 4 as she plays with herself while reading the contents of an Internet chat room on her computer.  Whatever she is reading is really making her horny!  She starts wetting her panties as she continues to play with herself through her wet panties.


Scene Five
In scene 5, Zusana is in a particularly naughty mood and puts on the clothes she likes to wear for her wet fun!  She sits at her desk drinking water until she is utterly desperate!  Then she releases her pee into her shorts and panties.


Scene Six
In the 6th scene, Tiffany D. is on the floor doing her exercises dressed only in her bra and panties.  Her panties have the words, “in training” on them but you have to wonder what she is training for when she deliberately starts to wet them.  She must be doing some special training for God and country since she is laying on a Union Jack flag as she pees.  What a patriot!


Scene Seven
Kelly is chatting with a friend on her computer in scene 7.  She has to pee but her friend does not want her to go.  She eventually slides to the edge of her chair and wets her panties.  From the look on her face, she did not mind wetting them at all!


Scene Eight
In scene 8, Sofia needs to pee as she is out walking on a nice fall day.  She decides to sit on the steps of a building so she can raise her dress and pee through her panties and pantyhose.  From the look on her face afterwards, we know she was going to enjoy the rest of her walk.


Scene Nine
In scene 9, Zuzana is visiting Katy and after drinking a lot of tea, she needs to pee very badly.  She is sitting on a wicker seat and just lets it flow through her panties and the wicker seat onto the floor.  Katy inspects Zuzana's wet panties after she pees.


Scene Ten
Kitty and Yenna are drinking lots of liquids as they have a contest to see who can hold their pee the longest.  They tickle each other and tempt each other in an effort to get the other one to pee first.  Eventually Yenna loses and wets her panties as Kitty watches and laughs.  Then Kitty sits on the edge of the kitchen counter and intentionally wets her panties while Yenna watches.


Running Time: 65 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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