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Wetting Her Panties 1
Skymouse has released their first title on DVD.  You may have seen their website before but now you will be able to own their fantastic footage of girls wetting their panties!


Scene One
The first scene opens with Tiffany & Natalie playing Truth or Dare.  Tiffany is given the option of choosing to tell a truth or accept a dare.  She decides to accept a dare and Tiffany dares her to wet her panties.  Not only do her panties get wet but the back of her skirt does also!


Scene Two
Sarah W. is the desperate student in the second scene.  It is her turn to give a presentation and she is waiting for her teacher to arrive.  Her bladder is so full that she cannot sit still.  Finally she loses all control and wets her panties in a long, continuous flood!  Sarah speculates about what her teacher may do.  Expel her from the university?  Or give her high marks for a wet presentation?


Scene Three
Scene three features Tiffany & Natalie in the window salesperson where Tiffany has come to Natalie's house to try to sell her some replacement windows.  When Natalie comes to the door, it is obvious that she is desperate to pee.  Despite trying to excuse herself repeatedly, Tiffany rattles on about the benefits of the windows she is selling.  Eventually Natalie loses it and wets her pants right in front of Tiffany.  Tiffany acts upset by Natalie's behavior but she is more upset about losing the sale because she won't make her quota.  Natalie yells at Tiffany never to come back to her place.  As Tiffany walks away, her real predicament is revealed because she begins to wet her panties before she can even leave Natalie's yard!


Scene Four
As scene four begins, Red is up the ladder without a paddle and she indulges herself by wetting her panties when the pressure on her bladder gets too great!  Even without her high perch on the ladder, you are guaranteed an upskirt look with her short little skirt.  The cascading river pouring from her panties is a moment to be enjoyed so Red turns around to sit at the top of the ladder and enjoy the warmth of wetting even more before finishing up her project.


Scene Five
In scene 5, Tiffany is in the garden enjoying her tea!  She has chosen her spot well for her act of deliberate naughtiness!  Even as her bladder overflows and causes a waterfall to flow off the edge of her chair, she continues to drink even more as if to prolong the enjoyment of her afternoon refreshment!  Your enjoyment is guaranteed too as you watch the stream flow right through the panty fabric!


Scene Six
In the sixth scene, Nicky O. is having a wet dream.  As she tosses and turns from the pressure of a full bladder, you get to see the content of her dream as she finds herself in a school classroom and discovers she is no longer dressed but only has her underwear on.  More embarrassing than that is when she begins to wet her panties when she stands up!  You hear the laughter in the background as others make fun of her predicament.  As the dream continues, Nicky is still in bed and her actions in her dream are a reflection of her actions in bed!  She is wetting the bed and wakes up to discover that both her pajamas and her bedding are soaked!


Scene Seven
In scene 7, Natalie needs dry panties.  She has been caught short in the back yard of her friend, Tiffany.  After desperately trying to maintain control, she wets her panties.  She makes it to Tiffany's back door and explains her accident.  Tiffany reassures her that it happens to everyone and shows her the wet panties she is wearing from an earlier accident.


Scene Eight
In the eighth scene, Candice Paris is in the park for all to see.  She drinks her water as she observes those who are watching her.  She decides to put on a show by laying back and wetting her panties!  She gets her thrills by envisioning the guys getting off while watching her.  When she gets up to leave, you not only see her wet skirt too but also a guy walking his dog who sees what Candice has done!


Scene Nine
In the ninth scene, Michelle B. is having a horny wet break while laying on the couch playing with herself through her panties.  A little peeing always adds excitement to a little masturbation and soon Michelle is sitting on the edge of her couch doing little spurts into her panties!  Next she kneels next to her couch and begins to flood her panties while playing with herself.  Then she moves to the kitchen and rubs herself while standing and peeing some more!  Finally she sits on the floor as she finishes off a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!


Scene Ten
Scene 10 features Tiffany who is desperate and wets her jeans.  What else is a girl supposed to do when she is locked out of her house without a key?  You get to enjoy the moment with Tiffany as you watch her soak her jeans and inspect the damage to her wet panties.


Scene Eleven
The video ends with Candice Paris on the road.  She is out riding in the countryside and her driver does not want to stop even though Candice is very desperate.  Eventually she persuades him to pull off for a moment as long as she promises to hurry.  Not wanting to hold him up any longer than absolutely necessary, she opens the car door and sits on the edge of her seat, pulls up her skirt, and pees through her panties onto the ground.  As she stands next to the car inspecting her skirt (which also got wet), you get to see the wetness on the back of her skirt.  As the video ends, Candice is changing out of her wet clothes right in the car as the driver continues on down the road.


Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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