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Pissy Pantyhose 1
Skymouse has introduced a new series called Pissy Pantyhose.  If you love to see girls with their legs and panties encased in tight, transparent, nylon pantyhose, you will love this new series.  Watch your favorite Skymouse girls wetting their panties and pantyhose!  You will enjoy it as much as the girls do!  It is now available on DVD and video.


Scene One
In the first scene, Jo May flirts with the camera and gives a demonstration of how much she likes to wet herself, especially in pantyhose!  Watch her get dressed and then produce rivers of pee running down her legs and into her shoes as the stream follows the contour of her shapely pantyhose covered legs.


Scene Two
In the second scene, watch Angelina as she gets dressed and sits squirming on a stool.  When she can't hold it any longer, she treats us to a multi-streamed flood surging through her panties and pantyhose.  Then she removes her pantyhose so we can see how wet her panties are.


Scene Three
Nicki is dressed only in her rose colored panties and black mesh pantyhose in the third scene.  In the privacy of her rec room, she lets her bladder fill up until she is completely desperate.  Then she squats to savor the warm, wet turn-on of releasing her pee to run through her panties and pantyhose.  Afterwards, she rips her pantyhose in the front and back until her panties are fully exposed.  It is now time to rub herself to complete her enjoyment!


Scene Four
You get a special treat of three scenes in one in the fourth scene!  Nicky O is first dressed in a school girl uniform and wets her panties and pantyhose.  Next she is dressed in a pink dress and soaks her panties and pantyhose while sitting on a stool.  Finally, she puts on a very short pink flowered dress and pantyhose with a matching shade of color for another naughty wetting!


Scene Five
Jo May is back for another sexy tease in the fifth scene.  First she dresses up in some tight pantyhose and a short skirt with panties that match.  Then she climbs onto her pool table and wets herself as she enjoys both the feeling and also knowing you are watching her!  Then she goes to another room and changes into dry panties and pantyhose plus puts on a short dress.  She has the urge to wet herself again so she stands just inside her bedroom door and soaks herself again!  She is definitely having more fun than one girl ought to have!


Scene Six
The 6th scene shows how much pleasure Faith can get from holding herself until she is completely bursting before wetting her panties and pantyhose in a flood that seems to continue forever!  She must have drunk a gallon before this scene!


Scene Seven
Natalie is working at the office in the seventh scene.  She is unable to take her lunch and bathroom break because everyone is out of the office including her boss.  Then when one of her friends calls, she discusses her predicament about how badly she needs to pee.  Soon she decides she has no choice but to wet herself and we watch a cascade of pee running through her panties and pantyhose and onto the floor.  Then she removes her pantyhose to examine her wet panties.


Scene Eight
Jo May is back again in scene 8.  She is still wearing her wet panties and pantyhose from the end of scene 5 since she likes to continue wearing clothes after she has wet them.  She changes into another short skirt and then warms up her wet panties and pantyhose with another flood that streams down her legs and onto the floor.


Scene Nine
In scene 9, Tara Summers puts on quite a show in her bedroom as she gets up from sleeping and puts on her pantyhose.  There is no question of how desperate she must have been or how much she enjoys peeing in her panties and pantyhose as she pees streams that just keep going and going.  She plays in the very large puddle on the floor with her feet and you have to wonder how so much pee could come from one person at one time!  The relief must have been exquisite!


Running Time: 70 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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