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Just Jeans Wetting 1
Skymouse now offers their first movie dedicated exclusively to sexy girls wetting their jeans!  If you love wet jeans, this one's for you!  It includes desperation, accidents, intentional wetting for pleasure, outdoors, indoors, and inspections of the wet panties after the jeans are removed.  See for yourself why so many people love Skymouse and their models!


Scene One
The first scene of Just Jeans Wetting 1 opens with Jo May standing and desperate to pee.  Her desperation is swift and overwhelming, and Jo's sexy butt quickly gets soaked.  When Jo May wets her pants, it's an orgasmic event for her.  The sensations she is feeling, as the hot pee jets into her panties and jeans, are clearly written on her face.


Scene Two
When Nicki rushes to the bathroom, hardly able to hold on another moment, the last thing she wanted or expected was a delay.  Jo May was already in the bathroom from wetting her pants and she didn't want to let Nicki in.  When she finally relented and opened the door, she invited Nicki to share the wet pants experience with her.  Soon Nicki’s pale blue jeans are glistening and streaking. Now they are both very wet girls.  When two sexy girls discover each other in that state, it's not surprising when they pause to enjoy it for a while.


Scene Three
Daniella is hot, dark, sassy — and she's standing and peeing her pants.  After giving us a nonchalant look and pissing in her jeans, she turns round to give us a glimpse of her soaked ass.  Yes, she's pissed herself big time!  This girl knows just what tight jeans are for.  Daniella's wetting is as blatant as they come, and she's making no attempt to hide the dramatic sexy wetness.


Scene Four
Paige looks like she's going to go potty outside but she's still got her jeans on!  She stands there and pee in her pants.  Paige has to continue her walk in totally soaked jeans.  She rather enjoys the experience!  Paige pulls her jeans down so we can have a look at her panties and see how wet they are.


Scene Five
Clair builds a delightful sense of anticipation with her desperate squirming.  She makes eye contact with you and flirts with you while she desperately holds her pee in.  Finally, her crotch begins to glisten hotly and the wet patch spreads rapidly down her legs.  After extensively showing off her soaked jeans, Clair finally pulls them down and finishes by giving us a lovely view of her soaked panties.


Scene Six
When Nicki comes into the room, she's already frantic.  Her hopping and wiggling just make her look even more shapely and sexy.  A classic wetting soon follows, and we are treated to a classic dark pattern of wetness at the front and back of Nicki's jeans.  With the amount that Nicki peed when she finally wet herself, it's hardly any wonder that her jeans are thoroughly soaked.  When Nicki has accidents, dry patches are few and far between.


Scene Seven
When beautiful Mischa needs to pee, she begins to wiggle shyly.  But with Michelle's encouragement she gives in to the growing pleasure of the moment.  And when the release comes, her face tells us all we need to know about how it feels.  It's a really huge turn-on as she soaks her jeans.  After sitting and wetting her pants, Mischa shows us how wet her panties are too.


Scene Eight
Poor Ebony just can't sit still.  She leans forward, sways, clasps herself, and then has to stand up to try to hold on.  Even clasping herself only brings temporary relief.  When the pee comes, it produces a complete drenching.  Ebony gives us an extended and erotic look of her tight jeans as the piss jets into them.  Super-sexy Ebony makes it a memorable and spectacular sight.


Scene Nine
Having already encouraged and enjoyed Mischa's earlier wetting, Michelle now has her opportunity.  Her pale blue jeans can hardly contain the hot wetness as it floods the insides of her legs.  What better way for two cute girls to enjoy their friendship than to treat each other to a good jeans-pissing show?  Mischa enjoys the privilege of inspecting Michelle's wet jeans.  Michelle takes her jeans down and concludes by showing off the emphatic wet patch that now covers the whole of the lower part of her panties.


Scene Ten
A “wet spot” in the English countryside has a specific meaning for Paige — and has nothing to do with the weather!  It has everything to do with her daringly pale jeans and a perfect dark wet patch.  Those tight, light-coloured jeans are just too ideal not to take advantage of!  Paige's wet thighs are almost a work of art.  Paige continues her country walk with much-improved jeans — with a prominent wet patch.


Scene Eleven
Michelle's having a “pee-pee” dance!  Having piss-soaked jeans is something to be celebrated and enjoyed for its sensual pleasure, and this is something that Michelle instinctively knows.  When she strokes her wet legs, we can feel the same shivers of naughtiness that she is feeling.  Michelle knows that wet jeans are a special factor contributing to sexiness more than anything else in the world.


Scene Twelve
Daniella's back again!  It's clear she enjoys having the power to arouse us just by the subtle, arrogant movements of her self-induced desperation and wetting.  With her wet pants and a wiggle of the butt, Daniella's work is complete.  Daniella looks equally great in her soaked panties once she has pulled down her jeans.  The light orange material now has a marvellous darker zone of wetness.


Scene Thirteen
Lucy is bursting to pee but no one's at home!  She is left to jog and jiggle urgently on the doorstep.  It's too late!  Lucy's wet her panties and jeans.  It's still coming out and she doesn't know what to do with herself now.  She's totally wet her jeans.


Scene Fourteen
Jo May can't keep still.  When she needs to pee, you can be sure we're going to know about it!  The look on Jo's face tells how much pleasure this is giving her as her erotic jeans wetting ensues.  Jo bends down to show off her butt in its sexiest light, which as her fans know means its wettest light.  It was a big pee!  She makes the most of it by luridly demonstrating her drenched jeans.


Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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