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Desperation Stories 1
Do you like to watch girls hold their pee until they are absolutely bursting?  Well, Skymouse offers you the first in a new line of movies called Desperation Stories!  Watch these beautiful girls lose control and wet themselves or just give up trying to hold their pee any longer!


Scene One
In the first scene, Tiffany is guzzling down drinks as fast as she can in preparation for a visit from Morrigan.  She is already very desperate when Morrigan arrives.  Morrigan has been drinking a lot of liquids too but it is obvious that Tiffany is much more desperate!  They have a contest to see who can hold their pee the longest but there is little doubt that Tiffany will lose.  Morrigan taunts her by pouring water into a glass and back into the pitcher which only makes matters worse for Tiffany.  Soon she is peeing her panties and all over her couch!  Once Tiffany feels the relief of an empty bladder, it is Morrigan's turn to experience the pressure.  Tiffany taunts her by not only pouring water in a glass but also by tickling her!  Morrigan gives up and wets her panties, the back of the couch and all over the cushion.


Scene Two
In the second scene, Kira needs to pee but Nicki decides she should pee in her pants.  Kira wrestles to get away from her but Nicki hangs on to her no matter what she does.  Finally Kira has an accident and wets herself as she makes a large puddle on the floor.  Then when Nicki decides to go to the bathroom, Kira won't let her!  Nicki ends up wetting her panties much to Kira's amusement.


Scene Three
Mouse is seen running into the bathroom at the beginning of scene three.  She makes it to the toilet but does not get her panties down in time.  She begins wetting them before pulling the crotch to the side to pee.  She enjoyed the feeling of her warm pee running all over her pussy so much that she lets the rest of her pee run through her panties just to enjoy the sensation.


Scene Four
In scene four, Tiffany is sitting on her bed enjoying the exquisite pleasure of holding it.  At one point she stands on her bed to try to find a position which will enable her to hold on a little longer.  Just then, Morrigan jumps up behind her and literally scars the pee out of her!  Afterwards, Morrigan gets on the bed and adds to the puddle of pee by wetting her panties.


Scene Five
Scene five begins with Julia naked and drinking beer in her room.  She gets dressed and continues drinking beer while watching out her window.  As the day goes on, Julia becomes more and more desperate until she can't hold it any longer and wets herself.  You can tell that she enjoys her solitary desperation game!


Scene Six
In the final scene, Michelle and Nicki are at a restaurant.  They decide to play a game of seeing who can hold their pee the longest.  They return to Nicki's home and have some more beverages.  Soon they are both very desperate but neither one of them wants to lose the contest and be the first to pee.  Finally Michelle just can't take the pressure any longer and gives up as she pees her pants while Nicki watches.  Having won the game, Nicki then pees her panties while Michelle watches her.  Even after flooding the floor, Michelle still needs to pee some more and does the rest in her red panties.


Running Time: 78 Minutes
Available on DVD for $55
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