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Project Pee: Budapest Babes Peeing Vol. 2
  Budapest Babes Peeing Vol. 2

Volumes 1 & 2 feature our hot Hungarian girls, Roxy, Monika, Tara and Lara in 38 sizzling scenes.  Volume 2 contains 18 scenes and rather than provide a scene by scene description, we have presented a collage of pictures of the girls peeing in public and semi-public locations below.

Roxy has been a popular Projectpee model, who has been featured frequently in Projectpee movies over the last three years or so.  She did “retire” previously but was persuaded to make a few return appearances.  However, this will almost certainly by her final appearance in a Projectpee movie.   Sadly, Monika, Lara and Tara have also moved on and so this will probably be the last time that Monika appears in our movies and Lara and Tara’s only appearances.  However, you can see more of all the girls in Budapest Babes Peeing Vol. 1.



Scene One


Scene Two


Scene Three


Scene Four


Scene Five


Scene Six


Scene Seven


Scene Eight


Scene Nine


Scene Ten


Scene Eleven


Scene Twelve


Scene Thirteen


Scene Fourteen


Scene Fifteen


Scene Sixteen


Scene Seventeen


Scene Eighteen


Running Time: 76 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
SPECIAL: Volumes 1 & 2 can be bought together for $80.00
View the video description for Budapest Babes Peeing Vol. 1
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