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Project Pee: Pee Medley Volume 14
  Pee Medley Volume 14

For Pee Medley Volume 14 we have adopted a slightly different format and mixed the clips from different shoots rather more than previously.  Many DVD customers keep up to date with our current filming by looking at the blog and ask when some of the newer scenes will appear on DVD and so this time we have scenes from 13 models; Jenny, Jesse, Jin, Julia, Kasha, Kathy, Kima, Lara, Lena, Monika, Roxy and Sam.  We hope that you will enjoy the greater variety and are always pleased to receive comments and suggestions.

The movie includes 25 scenes and is divided into six chapters for convenience of viewing.  The filming took place in several German cities, Austria and Hungary.  It runs 70 minutes.



Chapter One

The movie opens with a scene from very cute Kima, who takes a pee by a factory door.  Next we have a nice sunny scene from Roxy, who is peeing on the pavement in a lakeside resort town.  Kathy braves the winter cold to take a pee a few feet from the busy main street on a grey December day.  Back in the Berlin sunshine, Jin is seen peeing down the steps leading to an office door.  It’s still winter in Austria for Sam, who takes cover from the busy main road behind a large tree, before taking a standing pee into the snow.



Chapter Two

Kasha takes a short detour from the busy main street to pee behind a gas tank.  Next Kima slips round to pee by the doors of an electricity sub station.  Jin and Jesse both need to pee and decide to pee from a loading bay.  Jesse goes first and really floods the ground below and then Jin takes her turn.  Jin produces an impressive arc of pee but fails to beat Jesse’s puddle.



Chapter Three

After spending the day in town Kathy arrives back at the station car park.  She is too late to use the toilets and so resorts to squatting to pee, near her car.  Roxy has the opposite problem as she arrives at the resort hotel too early and so she has to go round the side and pee a flood on the concrete pavement.  In Ludwigshafen we see Kima taking a very impressive pee on the footbridge that spans the Rhine.  Moving to Hungary, we see Monika peeing on the footpath by the park.



Chapter Four

Remaining in Hungary, we see lovely Lena walking in the suburbs and pausing to pee outside the memorial park.  Next we have the debut appearance on DVD of cute but naughty Vietnamese girl Ling and we see her pee right on someone’s doorstep in the centre of town.  Proving that they are just as blasť about peeing in public, we join Julia and Jenny, who are having lunch and drinks in a busy tourist restaurant.  They need to pee but can’t be bothered waiting in the queue for the Ladies toilets and so just casually stroll over and take turns to pee at the entrance to a park, whilst visitors pass close by.



Chapter Five

Roxy opens with a particularly good scene from, which combines genuine desperation, risky public action and a great pee.  Next comes another late afternoon scene from Kasha who takes a bold pee by the roadside.  Kima demonstrates her ability to pee impressively from a loading bank in the next scene and then Jesse produces another great pee, which floods an entrance ramp.



Chapter Six

Autumn has arrived and Roxy’s last scene of the movie is filmed amongst dead leaves and fir cones as we see her pee in the street of a now fairly empty lakeside resort.  Jin’s last appearance sees her slipping out of an indoor market to pee in one of the unused doorways.  Kasha arrives at the bus stop, desperate to pee and with a long wait for the bus.  She resolves the problem by going around and peeing behind the bus shelter.  For the final scene of the movie we change pace and introduce Lara, a sizzling 19 year old Hungarian girl who filmed a somewhat different series of clips for us in late 2010 in response to requests from some customers for a few more raunchy scenes.



Running Time: 70 Minutes
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