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Project Pee: Compilation Movie - Volume 2
  Project Pee Compilation Movie - Volume 2

This is the second volume, again featuring Katharina, Isabelle, Gina and Joanne.  If you enjoyed the first volume you will love the second.  The movie is divided into 5 sequences and contains 23 varied pee scenes.  Sometimes shy, sometimes very naughty.



Scene One

Scene 1 begins with Joanne taking a pee on a loading ramp of a warehouse, Isabelle pees in the doorway of a disused gatehouse, Katharina takes a huge pee on the steps at the rear entrance to a supermarket, Gina pees on a wooden bench and Isabelle peeing between a couple of trucks.



Scene Two

Scene 2 finds Isabelle peeing on a railway line, Katharina taking a pee on a piece of site equipment, Katharina slips out of her tight jogging gear to take a pee, Katharina pees standing up while out jogging and Isabelle pees in a garden center.



Scene Three

Gina takes a pee by the entrance to the University, Katharina takes a pee on the railway tracks, Isabelle pees standing behind a container, Katharine pees against a tree and finally while seated at a bus stop.



Scene Four

In scene 4, Katharina pees by a lake, Isabelle pees down the steps to the river, Gina has a sneaky pee in a basement area and Joanne creats a pee flood at a warehouse door.



Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $35.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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