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Project Pee: Pee Medley Volume 13
  Pee Medley Volume 13

Pee Medley Volume 13 features seven girls including popular models from previous movies, Kathy, Sam, Kasha and Roxy plus 3 girls appearing on our DVDs for the first time, Kima, Jesse and Jin.

The movie includes 26 full pee scenes and for convenience of viewing is divided into six chapters.  Filming took place in Germany, Hungary, Netherlands and Austria and the movie runs 80 minutes.



Chapter One

The movie opens on a sunny day and features a scene with Roxy peeing on the railway platform.  Next Kathy takes a quick detour from the main road to pee on the pavement of a side street.  Kasha needs to pee and departs from the main street to pee by some railway tracks.  Finally, we see Sam taking a break from driving on a freezing winter day and taking a very long pee on a side road.



Chapter Two

We join Roxy by the shores of Lake Balaton and see her peeing right on the waters edge.  Next a desperate Kathy pees in a phone box as traffic and cyclists pass by only a few feet away.  When Kasha cannot find a toilet in the office block she is visiting, she just pees on the staircase.  Next are debut performances on DVD from new girls Jesse and Jin from Berlin.  Firstly Jesse takes a gushing pee down a flight of steps, splashing Jin in the process and then Jin squats down by a wall to pee as well.



Chapter Three

In her first appearance on DVD, we welcome very cute Thai girl Kima and see her peeing down a flight of steps because she has no change to pay for entrance to the public toilet.  Next we join Sam in snow-covered Vienna and see her take a really long pee onto the frozen snow.  As a change from the snow we see Roxy in a very pretty summer dress, in a very desperate state and peeing outside a lakeside hotel.  Finally, ever the exhibitionist, Jesse pees by the side of a motorway bridge as traffic hurtles by beneath and other traffic crosses the bridge.



Chapter Four

Roxy, in casual clothing is out for a morning walk, and heads for a café bar to use the toilet and have a coffee.  As the café is not yet open for the day, Roxy makes do with peeing in the nearby woodland.  Sam has volunteered to walk her friend’s dog on a snowy day and it’s not long before she is desperate to pee.  Sam takes a long pee whilst standing with her back to a wall.  She makes rather a mess of peeing and wets the back of her jeans in the process.  Jin and Jess arrive early at a shopping and market centre.  Jin is desperate to pee and goes right inside a market stall to squat and pee.  This must be her longest pee of the movie, as she just can’t seem to stop.  Even after she stands up more pee appears and she pees several more streams before she can finally wipe and come out of the stall, leaving a huge puddle and a long stream of pee running across the tarmac.  By the time Jin has finished, Jesse can’t wait to go either and so she whips off her panties and pees a flood outside one of the shops.



Chapter Five

Desperate Roxy again and this time she takes a long pee on the pavement.  Next we meet Jesse and Jin cutting through an industrial estate.  They are desperate to pee and when they come upon a sofa and bed sitting outside one of the units, Jesse whips off her panties and sits on the back of the sofa before peeing a spectacular arc onto the sofa and the ground in front.  Not to be outdone Jin puts one foot on the bed and produces her own flood.  As they walk away, you will see just how much pee they have flooded the area with.  As Kasha trudges home on a cold winter day, she badly needs to pee and so stops on the spiral staircase leading to an overpass and pees a flood on the landing.  Back in snowy Vienna we rejoin Sam, who is still out walking the dog and desperate to pee again.  As she climbs up a short flight of steps, you will see that the rear of her jeans is still wet from last time.  This time she pushes her bottom out over the steps and manages to take a huge pee without making her clothes any wetter.



Chapter Six

Roxy features again and this time she is peeing in a small alley alongside a restaurant.  Another snow scene from Sam, but this time it is from a more recent shoot in the current bad weather.  Despite the cold, Sam looks very hot as she takes a pee on the platform of a suburban station.  In a part of Berlin where a lot of building work is going on, Jin takes the opportunity to slip into a demolition site and pee inside a derelict factory.  Finally, we see Jesse stop her car and head up the steps of an office building before peeing on the front doorstep.



Running Time: 80 Minutes
Available on DVD
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