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Project Pee: Pee Medley Volume 11
  Pee Medley Volume 11

Volume 11 continues the theme of Volume 10, again featuring 10 girls, in another 26 great pee scenes, again filmed in Germany & Hungary.  A selection of ladies to please everyone and a variety of locations from the beauty of Budapest and Lake Balaton to the ultimate daring of department stores and apartment staircases.  The running time of 75 minutes and, for convenience of viewing is divided into 6 chapters.



Chapter One
Carment peeing on a staircase
Yassie peeing near a bus stop
Yassie peeing by office doors
Kathy and Lindsay peeing by a railway track
closeup of peeing by railroad
Yassie peeing by office doors
Kathy and Lindsay peeing by a railway track

Chapter 1 opens with Kathy, who pops into a park and takes a pee on the path just inside the entrance gates.  Back in Berlin, Heike needs to pee and heads for the public “Dixi” toilet or portaloo as they are called in the UK.  As the toilet is filthy, Heike refuses to use it and pees a torrent on to the floor.  In complete contrast to the squalid toilet, we find Monika in a small park with a spectacular view across Lake Balaton.  When Monika needs to pee, she squats by the foot of some steps.  Next we see Stella heading for a pubic portaloo.  As it's locked, she just squats at the side.



Chapter Two

Chapter 2 finds Julia and Jenny strolling through a residential area.  They are desperate to pee and head over to a bank of recycle bins to find some cover.  After initially being distracted by watching a small mouse scurrying around the bins, Julia proceeds to take a long pee in the middle of the pavement.  After a little uncertainty, Jenny squats down and starts peeing on the pavement only to be startled by the sound of bottles crashing into the bin.  The girls had failed to notice that someone was recycling their glass on the other side of the bin.  Next we see Kathy out for a walk in a nice residential area and pausing to take a pee between two parked cars.  Next we return to Hungary to find Zsofia strolling along a tranquil river bank and pausing to take a long pee on the concrete cover of a drainage chanel.



Chapter Three

Chapter 3 opens with Kathy walking along a very pleasant residential street and stopping to take a long pee on a street corner.  Next is one of the most daring scenes in the movie where we see Kasha simply dropping her jeans and panties and peeing in the aisle of a household goods store, leaving a huge puddle and used tissue in the middle of the aisle.  In Heike’s final scene of this movie, we see her peeing on some steps on a busy Berlin street.  Next, Stella finds that the toilet at the filling station is occupied and so she walks over a pees at a nearby loading bay.  Finally, we see Monika peeing at another picturesque spot overlooking Lake Balaton.



Chapter Four

Chapter 4 finds Kasha and Yassie out and about on dull wet day.  Needing to pee they go into a vennel where Kasha takes a gushing pee, managing to be seen by the occupants of passing cars.  Yassie is spotted as she pulls her skirt up but manages to pee during a gap in the traffic.  Next we see Julia and Jenny out walking and badly needing to pee.  They find some cover on a staircase partially obscured from view by a couple of small trucks.  First Julia and then Jenny take long gushing pees down the stairs.



Chapter Five

Chapter 5 begins with Kathy and this time she slips into a rural yard, used for storing road repair equipment and pees on the porch of the office.  Next we have Veni’s final scene of the movie and see her stop to take a pee on the path of a countryside walk.  It’s a wet early Spring day when we rejoin Yassie and Kasha.  Both girls need to pee and so they go quietely into an apartment block and climb the stairs to the first landing.  Yassie slips down her jeans and panties and takes a long pee on the lino floor.  After Yassie has finished, Kasha slips down her jeans and panties and takes a big messy pee on to the lino.  The girls creep quietely back down the stairs before breaking into a run after the leave the building.



Chapter Six

Chapter 6 consists entirely of scenes from Julia and Jenny.  Firstly we see Jenny out and about and needing to pee.  She waits on a bench until someone has finished using a garden waste container before hurrying over and taking a big gushing pee behind the container.  Next we see the girls admiring the festival decorations in the village.  They need to pee and so walk up a lane leading to an impressive building.  While Jenny waits, Julia pulls up her long skirt, slips down her panties and pees on the road.  After Julia has finished, Jenny whips up her short skirt, bends over, pulls the crotch of her panties out of the way and pees by the side of the gates.  Next we see Julia hurrying to meet up with Jenny.  Desperate to pee, Julia just stopped and took a pee on the roadway.  Finally an amazing desperation scene from Julia who is seen running all the way uphill to her house.  She arrives at the back door so desperate that she cannot even unlock the door and so ends up just peeing in the yard.



Running Time: 75 Minutes
Available on DVD
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