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Project Pee: Pee Medley Volume 10
  Pee Medley Volume 10

We are delighted to offer volume 10 of our popular Pee Medley series, featuring no less than 10 girls in 26 fantastic pee scenes, filmed in various locations in Germany, including Berlin and around Budapest and Lake Balaton in Hungary.  Featuring crazy German girls, Jenny and Julia, more mature Berlin girls Heike, Kasha & Kathy, in very daring mode, fabulous Monika and sizzling Zsofia from Hungary, Stella with new girl Veni and last but certainly not least, stunning Yassie.  This movie features some of our most daring and naughty scenes ever, including Kathy peeing on the floor of the University and in the kitchen display of a department store.  The running time is 70 minutes and for convenience of viewing is divided into 6 chapters.



Chapter One
Kathy peeing on a street with roller skates
Closeup of Kathy peeing
Heike peeing on a Berlin street
Closeup of Heike peeing
Kasha pees on the stairs at a car park
Closeup of Kasha peeing
Jenny getting ready to pee
Jenny peeing in a parking bay

Chapter 1 features Kathy stopping for a pee, whilst out roller skating, Heike pausing to pee in a Berlin street, the first of several very naughty indoor pees from Kasha who pees in the staircase of a multi-story car park and finally a very desperate pee in a parking bay of a main street by Jenny.



Chapter Two
Stella peeing by a recycle bin
Jenny getting ready to pee
Jenny peeing
Kathy peeing in east Berlin
Stella peeing on a quiet street
Closeup of Stella peeing
Veni pulling her pants down
Veni peeing

Chapter 2 opens with Stella peeing by a recycle bin adjacent to a busy main road.  Kathy takes a long pee on the steps of a run-down former municipal building in the east of Berlin.  Desperate Heike pees right outside the window of a store in a Berlin shopping precinct.  We meet Stella and Veni out walking the dog and first Veni and then Stella pee in a quiet street.



Chapter Three

Chapter 3 opens with delightful Monika taking a pee on a jetty overlooking beautiful Lake Balaton.  In the rather less glamorous setting of urban east Berlin, Heike takes a desperate gushing pee a couple of metres away from the entrance to an apartment block, regardless of people coming and going in the vicinity.  Julia and Jenny need to pee and slip into a VW car dismantling business.  First Jenny and then Julia take spectacular gushing pees on to the concrete before realising that they were in view of people across the yard.  They burst out laughing and run off.



Chapter Four

Chapter 4 opens with another appearance from Kathy, who pees right outside the doors of the library when she finds the building closed.  Next we see Yassie hurrying towards a supermarket entrance, obviously very desperate to pee.  She doesn’t make it as far as the entrance and stops to take a huge gushing pee in a little shelter designed to keep the trolleys dry.  Next we see Kasha, desperate to pee but not wanting to wait to use the toilet in the furniture warehouse and so just going round the side and peeing by the goods entrance.  Finally, Stella takes a detour into the park to pee on the pathway, just inside the entrance.



Chapter Five

Chapter 5 opens with Veni and Stella out dog walking again.  They need to pee and so head into a rather neglected looking builders yard, where Veni pulls down her skirt and panties and pees on a sheet of metal, which is lying on the ground.  The girls switch custody of the dog and Stella takes a turn to pee on the metal sheet.  Next, on a lovely summer day, Monika takes a walk along the scenic river bank.  She stops to take a leisurely pee on the path and finishes just in time as a group of students appear on the opposite bank of the river.  Next an incredibly daring scene from Kathy who pees on the floor of the university basement, despite there being dozens of students milling around at the top of the stairs.  Finally we see cute Zsofia take a detour from the suburban Budapest street, to pee beside a house in course of renovation.



Chapter Six

Chapter 6 starts with an even more daring scene from Kathy, who pees on the carpeted floor of a kitchen display in a department store.  Back in the outdoors again, Stella heads into the park with the intention of using the toilets.  However, as there is no one around, she just takes a seat in the gazebo and pees on the floor.  As she walked home along the busy main road, Kasha needed to pee.  As we know, she is not a girl who waits around to find a toilet and so she just walked into a yard and peed on the cobbled surface.  For the final scene of the movie we revisit the splendid architecture of Budapest and see Monika pee in a massive doorway, which is a lasting legacy from the city’s historic past.  Eagle-eyed viewers will spot another legacy from the more recent past in the form of a Trabant parked in the square.



Running Time: 70 Minutes
Available on DVD
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