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Project Pee: Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria
  Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria

Our antidote to the miserable, cold weather of Northern Europe is our latest movie release, Eve & Paulina On Gran Canaria.  Filmed last year in the sub-tropical climate of Europe’s southernmost point.  The movie features pretty, young German model Paulina in her only outing to date for Projectpee, accompanied by long-term favourite model Eve.

The movie runs for 60 minutes and includes 20 outstanding pee scenes in a variety of locations.



Chapter One

We join the girls as they explore a tropical garden and see a very desperate Eve take a huge gushing pee on the gravel path.  They move on to the harbour area and by this time Paulina is also desperate and stops to pee on to the steps leading down to the shore.  Before leaving the waterfront both girls badly need to pee again and Paulina squats amongst the rocks for some much needed relief.  Eve pees down the steep steps leading back up to the harbour.



Chapter Two

Eve continues showing Paulina around the island and the girls end up taking a break by sitting on a bench.  They are both absolutely desperate to pee and so they both hitch up their skirts, open their legs wide and after pulling the crotch of their panties out of the way, release torrents of pee onto the ground.  The girls tidy up their clothes and move on, leaving the area under and around the bench drenched with pee.  Whilst Eve is doing some shopping, Paulina walks off to make a couple of phone calls and look around the area.  Engrossed in her calls, she wanders away from the main area and finds herself by an electricity sub-station.  Desperate for a pee, Paulina slips down her panties and squats in front of the sub-station door.



Chapter Three

Eve takes Paulina to look round one of the traditional harbours.  Eve was desperate to pee and so slipped her panties down and was about to squat, when a cyclist appeared.  Eve let her dress fall back down and had to stand with her panties around her knees until the cyclist past.  She then quickly pulled up her dress and peed a long, hard stream onto the concrete.  Paulina needed to go a few minutes later and had to squat down beside a workshop in the boatyard.  The girls continued on to the old town but Paulina needed to pee again and so just squatted and peed by the edge of the pavement.



Chapter Four

The girls continued their walk through the old town until they reached a flight of steps leading to a higher part of town.  Paulina decided that she needed to pee before climbing the steps and paused for a pee in the alley at the foot of the steps.  Eve paused a little way up the steps and peed a long, strong arc of pee on to the ancient steps.  As the girls returned to the harbour area, they had to stop again and Paulina peed a long stream, which ran off down the steeply sloping alley.  After Paulina finished , Eve stood in the partial cover of a doorway and released her pee into the alley in a long arc.



Chapter Five

Eve took Paulina to visit Porto Rico, a resort town on the South West coast of the island.  They took the walkway that ran alongside the coastal road and stopped periodically to take in the view over the harbour and beaches.  However, Paulina badly needed to pee but every time she thought that she had found a secluded spot walkers appeared on the path.  Finally, Paulina decided that she would rather risk being seen from the road than being caught squatting by another walker and so she squatted own right by the Porto Rico sign next to the highway and took a long, forceful pee.

After Paula had peed the girls carried on strolling along the coastal walkway.  Soon, it was Eve’s turn to feel desperate.  The only secuded spot that Eve could see was a narrow space between the walkway wall an the massive concrete pillar which supported the highway.  Eve quickly slipped off her panties and squeezed into the small space before taking a hard pee on to the gravel from an uncomfortable crouching position, facing the pillar.  Eve wiped and smoothed down her dress but did not bother to replace her panties.  Paulina decided that she would pay a visit to Ocean Park and after a short bus ride arrived near the entrance.  She walked round to the main gate but was disappointed to find that the park was not open on this day.  However, more pressing than Paulina’s disappointment at not being able to visit the park was her need to use the toilets.  Being unfamiliar with the area, Paulina had no idea if there were any other toilets in the vicinity and so simply pulled down her panties and took a sizeable pee right beside the closed gates.  Greatly relieved, Paulina wiped and pulled up her panties, before wiping the pee splashes from her feet and walking of in search of a cafe.



Chapter Six

Paulina had met up with some people for a meal and a drink at one of the many small restaurants on that part of the island.  She intended to use the toilets before leaving but there was a long queue for the single toilet and, as she was getting picked up for a lift home, she did not want to be late and decided that she could wait.  However, once out in the night air, she felt a lot more desperate and thought that she had better take the chance to go now rather than need to stop on the journey home.  Fortunately, the car park was quiet and so Paulina undid her belt and slipped down her shorts and panties before squatting and peeing a long stream on to the gravel.  Paulina finished and pulled up her clothes and fastened her belt.  As she walked towards the street, she noticed a waiter clearing an outside table and hoped that he had not noticed her peeing.

Paulina wanted to explore the dunes first thing in the morning, before the sun became too hot.  She slipped on a pair of panties and a loose fitting dress and walked barefoot in the warm sand.  Paulina had been so keen to go out early that she had not even paused to go to the toilet before leaving the villa and so she really needed to pee.  After a careful check to see that there was no one else out walking in the area, Paulina pulled up her dress, slipped down her panties and squatted in one of the sandy hollows before taking a forceful pee in to the sand.  Feeling better, Paulina pulled up her panties and walked of in the direction of the ocean.

Paulina headed out on a morning walk along the coastal road.  The sun was still not too hot and there was a pleasant breeze from the ocean and Paulina had walked a lot further than she had intended as she realised whilst making her way home.  She didn’t mind the walking but her bladder was beginning to ache and she knew that she would have to make a pee stop.  The area was very open and although the traffic was still light, it was regular and there were few chances to pee before a vehicle appeared.  Several times Paulina hitched up her short skirt, only to have to pull it down again quickly as a car approached.  Finally, with only the skant cover of a roadside palm tree, Paulina was able to pull own her panties and squat beside the tree.  She was still peeing as two cyclists appeared at the brow of the hill and just managed to finish and pull up her panties as they passed.  She was sure that they must have seen what she was doing as they came down the hill.



Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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