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Project Pee: Pee Medley Volume 8
  Pee Medley Volume 8

Pee Medley Volume 8 is an action packed 65 minutes, including no less than 32 pee scenes.  The movie features the debut scenes from stunning Yassie, who has gone on to be a regular and very popular PJP model, the first of two sets of scenes filmed with Stella and the only PJP scenes filmed with Sandra, as well as a selection of scenes from long-term PJP regular girl, Kathy.



Chapter One

Kathy takes Yassie to see her horses and whilst walking back to the car, both girls need to pee.  They pop in to the neighbouring stables and first Kathy and then Yassie pee on the floor of the tack room.  Next we see Yassie and Sandra walking down a country lane.  They are desperate to pee and take advantage of the cover provided by a mini digger, whilst first Sandra and then Yassie pee on the road.  Out walking, Sandra needs to pee as she is descending a flight of steps.  She just stops, drops her panties and pees on the steps before carrying on with her journey.



Chapter Two

Yassie is joined by Stella and the girls go out walking.  They need to pee and so take a detour to the community hall to use the toilet.  The door is locked and so Stella takes a pee on the pathway between the park and the massive walls of a church.  Before reaching the main road, Yassie squats down and pees on the path, just managing to finish before a family cycle past on the road.  Sandra and Kathy have been out looking at the shop and were now heading back to Kathy’s car.  Kathy needed to pee and so popped round to the back door of an office and squatted down by the bins and peed.  After Kathy finished, Sandra decided that she needed to pee as well and left a matching puddle on the monobloc.  Yassie had an appointment in town and was hurrying to arrive in time but she very badly needed to pee and with no toilets in the area took a chance and peed in a narrow alley right by the main street.



Chapter Three

Sandra and Yassie were walking back to town through a residential area.  Sandra badly needed to pee and so she walked up a driveway and peed in someone’s car port, just managing to finish before a 4x4 drove past.  Yassie & Stella were out walking on a summer afternoon and cut through the park.  Stella needed to pee and hurried round behind one of the enclosed memorials.  Yassie waited a little longer before she peed in one of the brick pathways.  Kathy was out for a walk by the lakeside and we see her pause and pee on the outlet of a flood drain.  Yassie loses her way, whilst looking for her friend’s new house and has to pop in to a car park for an emergency pee.  Kathy was enjoying a quiet afternoon by the lake but was desperate for a pee.  She squatted on the landing stage, right at the water’s edge and took a huge gushing pee.



Chapter Four

Sandra was window shopping in town and when she needed to pee, she headed across a small car park and peed on the pavement behind a building.  Yassie and Stella were driving back to town and stopped at the service area for fuel and a break.  The self-service pumps were in operation but, as it was a public holiday, the rest of the facilities were closed.  Both girls needed to pee and so they walked across the parking area and first Yassie and then Stella peed by parked trailers.  Kathy had stopped at a service area and headed straight for the Ladies.  However, the toilet was in such a filthy state that Kathy would not use it and peed on the floor instead.  Yassie was in the area of Kathy’s stable and decided to try to find it and pay Kathy a surprise visit.  Yassie could not find the right building and by this time was desperate to pee and so just popped into one of the stables and peed on the floor.



Chapter Five

Sandra had arranged to meet a friend in town and was putting off time by wandering around the square.  Her friend was running late and Sandra needed to pee and so she headed around the back of a restaurant and peed by the back door.  Yassie and Sandra had gone for a walk along the country path that ran parallel with the main road.  Yassie was so desperate to pee that she felt that she would burst.  She dived over and started peeing beside one of the pillars holding up a railway bridge.  She peed a torrent for ages; too desperate even to stop when an elderly couple cycled past only a few feet away.  Kathy had gone for a walk in the local park.  Before leaving, she badly needed to pee but knew that there was no toilet in the park.  Kathy stood by the large map, as if studying the location but actually taking a big standing pee.  Whilst walking in the park with Stella, Yassie needed to stop for a pee and peed beside a Portakabin, situated near the park entrance.  Stella decided that she also need to go and stepped inside what appeared to be a very large crate, sitting next to the Portakabin.  Walking home from visiting a friend, Yassie stopped and took a risky pee behind a car parked in a busy residential area.



Chapter Six

Kathy was meeting some friends for lunch at an out of town restaurant but arrived much too early.  The restaurant had not yet opened the doors for the day and Kathy badly needed to pee and could not wait and so she headed round to the side and peed beside the Calor gas tank.  She obviously failed to notice the man seated in the parked car right in front of the tank.  Yassie had spent a couple of hours watching the show jumping practice and really needed to pee before heading home.  As there was no public facility, Yassie slipped round the corner and took a very long pee in front of a lockup door.  Stella had to hand an order in to the builders merchants and needed to pee before heading back homewards.  She didn’t see a toilet and was reluctant to ask the male counter staff and so she just found a quiet corner beside the trolleys and took a long pee there.  Yassie was looking for her cousin’s new house in the suburbs but had managed to lose her way.  She badly needed to pee and when she arrived at an impressive set of gates, she hitched up her dress, pulled down her panties and emptied her straining bladder, before carrying on looking.  Stella stopped off to look at some new houses being built in the neighbourhood.  She needed to pee and so sat on the doorstep of an unfinished property and took a long pee.



Running Time: 65 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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