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Project Pee: Pee Medley Volume 7
  Pee Medley Volume 7

We are delighted to bring you the 7th Volume in our popular Pee Medley series.  As with all our more recent fiming, the footage was filmed entirely with professional HD equipment.  Filmed entirely in Austria during Spring, Summer and Autumn 2008, the movie features regular models Sam & Renee, German model Andrea, making her only appearance to date for Projectpee and introducing fun-loving German friends Julia & Jenny.  Although this is Julia & Jenny's first appearance on a Projectpee DVD, they have also appeared on the first of our Naughtypee movies and have been filming again with us more recently.  The movie runs for just over 100 minutes and includes 26 pee scenes.  At the request of many customers, the movie features a lot of very genuine desperation as well as very strong pee scenes.  Lovers of unscripted emergency pee stops should particularly enjoy Chapter 9, which features Julia & Jenny, returning from filming the Naughtypee scenes, hence Julia's rather minimalist outfit.  The girls had to make three unplanned pee stops with Jenny peeing once and Julia having to pee twice, on one occasion by the side of the busy city street, with traffic rushing past.  The varied locations include some of Vienna's famous landmarks and an unusual scene where Renee pees on the floor of an attic and just for a change we also see Sam combining cleaning her bath with peeing in it.



Chapter One

The movie opens with Sam walking along a country road on a grey, early spring day and pausing to take a much-needed pee by the roadside.  Next, we see Sam walking along a main city road, desperate to pee.  She takes a detour on to a flight of steps leading to a lower road and squats on the steps to send an impressive arc of pee splashing down and soaking the lower steps.  Next we meet Andrea, who has stopped at a roadside parking area and after a lot of desperate figeting, manages to take a pee from a bench.



Chapter Two

We see Julia take a desperate pee on a grassy verge in a very busy part of town.  Next we catch up with Julia & Jenny, who are in a silly mood an playing on the swings in the park.  They head off along the path but Jenny is desperate to pee, so desperate in fact that she can hardly undo her jeans and Julia has to help her.  From the amount that she pees, it not difficult to imagine how desperate she was.  Next, we see Andrea hurry away from an outdoor restaurant and make her way out of view before taking a long and much-needed pee by a roadside tree.



Chapter Three

We see Sam in the parking area of retail park.  She is desperate to pee but there is a lot of traffic coming and going and so she climbs a few steps up a fire escape before taking a huge arcing pee through her open crotch pantyhose.  Next, the first of two great scenes from Renee, where we see her arrive at a warehouse office and climb up to the first floor only to find the office closed.  She takes a huge arcing pee down the staircase.  Back to the sunshine and we see Andrea slip away from the crowds at a famous beauty spot and take a long pee into the gutter running down the side of the pathway.



Chapter Four

We see Sam arriving at the entrance to a sports ground, hoping to use the toilet but finding everything closed.  Too desperate to go any further Sam squats down by the turnstile and takes a very long and much-needed pee.  Andrea is visiting the famous “Sissy” monument in Vienna and, desperate to pee, sits on the steps and pees right by the monument.  Next, we rejoin Jenny.  Desperate to pee, she ducks behind the headge on to a grassy strip that separates the pavement from the gardens.  A dog starts barking and Jenny pleads with it to be quite and not attract attention to her as she drops her jeans and pees a torrent on to the grass.



Chapter Five

Next we see Sam out walking in the fading light of late afternoon and pausing to take a huge standing pee on the doorstep of a small stone building by the side of a busy main road, almost certainly wetting her pantyhose in the process.  Staying with Sam, but back in the sunshine, we see her take a long pee by the side of the pavement, right outside the C & A retail warehouse.  Back out in the countryside, we see Andrea take another very long pee, whilst seated on a roadside bench.



Chapter Six

First Jenny and then Julia provide as with really exciting scenes as the take turns to take enormous pees into a drain at a famous and very busy Vienna landmark.  Staying with famous landmarks we see Andrea take a desperate pee in the heart of a famous visitor attraction, with people very nearby.



Chapter Seven

It's Sam's turn be desperate whilst walking in a lane.  There are pedestrians and cyclists in the area and Sam has to move around a few times before finally being able to take a pee on a small bridge.  Next we join a very desperate Andrea, who is in the busy office district of the town center.  With no where else to go, she rushes into a small park and squats by a statue before taking a very impressive pee, in view of people on the main street.  Sam has to go when she is out in the suburbs and takes an huge standing pee by one on the lock gates on a small waterway.



Chapter Eight

Renee has volunteered to do some cleaning in a loft space that she and her friend have borrowed for a party.  She manages to shut herself in and her friend is not due to arrive for at least half an hour.  Renee is soon desperate for a pee and so squats and pees on the floor.  She spreads the pee puddle over the floor with her broom, hoping to disguise it's origin.  Wearing only a top and panties, Sam id busy giving her bath a thorough clean.  When she needs to pee, she just goes in the bath and rinses the pee away with the cleaning fluid.



Chapter Nine

Probably the highlight of the movie for those viewers who like real, unplanned emergency pee stops, we firstly see Julia becoming truly desperate as she travels between film locations in the city.  She has to jump out of the car and squat in the roadway in full view of dozens of passing cars and produces possible the biggest pee in the movie.  Next it's Jenny's turn to be overtaken by desperation.  Barely able to walk, she scrambles out of the car and struggles barefoot across some sharp gravel before peeing a torrent on to a patch of grass outside an office block.  Last, but certainly not least, it's desperate Julia's turn again.  She half runs from the car to a fire hydrant, lifts her leg and places her foot on the hydrant and absolutely hoses it with pee.



Running Time: 100 Minutes
Available on DVD
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