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Project Pee: Eve & Ewa's Maltese Travels Volume 1
  Eve & Ewa's Maltese Travels Volume 1

Filmed on the beautiful island of Malta, this volume follows the girls round a variety of locations including Popeye's Village, the famous St Agnes Tower and historic Valetta.

Volume 1 runs for 1 hour 23 minutes and includes 30 pee scenes, all filmed with professional HD cameras.  The dialogue is in English.



Chapter One

We join the girls on their first morning in Malta and see them take a stroll along the promenade near to their hotel, where they both take risky pees near to the closed toilet facilities.  Back in the hotel, Ewa takes an urgent pee on the balcony as Eve is using the bathroom.



Chapter Two

The girls finally head out to explore the island and stop in a little, but surprisingly busy, side road to pee.  Note the bottled water truck which passed and turned (twice) to get a look at what was going on.  The next stop was Popeye's Village, built as the set of the 1980 Popeye film, but now a theme park.  There were far too many children around to film within the village, but both Eve & Ewa dodged the visitors to pee in the area overlooking the village.



Chapter Three

After a late lunch, the girls arrived at the famous St Agnes (or Red) Tower.  However, as it was Friday, the tower closed early and so the girls were too late to take a tour of the interior.  They walked round the exterior but badly needed to pee before continuing their journey.  First Ewa and then Eve sat on the ancient steps and peed floods down them, before returning to their car, leaving the steps dripping with pee.

The next stop was at the top of the island from where the Comino ferry departs.  Ewa found a natural toilet, no doubt carved into the rock, by years of wind and waves, whilst Eve decided to pee out beside the rocky outcrop.  The wind blew her pee everywhere and she ended up with wet legs and feet.



Chapter Four

The girls stopped off at a smart hotel in the country, intending to have a drink and relax on the terrace but as there was a wedding reception at the hotel, it was closed to the public.  Ewa and then Eve peed in the large urn, which served as an outdoor ashtray.  En route back to their hotel, the girls needed to pee and stopped at a park and peed by a large sculpture.



Chapter Five

Next morning the girls took a pre-breakfast walk on the beach and peed whilst seated on the sun loungers.  After breakfast they walked to the car park to collect the car and both peed in the car park before setting off.



Chapter Six

They stopped for a break down the coast and Ewa peed from the steps on to the beach and Eve crouched down and peed under a picnic table.  After their break the girls carried on to the outskirts of Valetta, where they stopped at a beachfront park.  Desperate Ewa, sat on a bench and peed, regardless of the many people in the area.  Eve walked down to the lower level and peed into the sea.  Before leaving, Ewa needed to go again and peed down the steps leading to the lower level.



Chapter Seven

The girls took a drive to Valetta Harbour, but could only find parking at a rather dismal area, which housed many boatyards.  Ewa peed as soon as she got out of the car but Eve had to take her pee in three parts as cars kept arriving and managed to wet her panties in the process.  They decided to move on and found a little cafe, overlooking the harbour and stopped for some lunch.  Before leaving, they used the Ladies and we see Ewa and then Eve taking much-needed pees in the toilet.  They drove around to the mooring area on the other side of the harbour and Ewa peed a huge flood by a mooring bollard and then Eve sent an arc of pee into the waters of the harbour.



Running Time: 83 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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