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Project Pee: Salma & Friends Pee in the Sun
  Salma & Friends Pee in the Sun

Filmed during late summer in Mallorca, the title is perhaps slightly incorrect as although there was lots of sunshine, there were also a few torrential downpours, which made for some great scenes.  The movie was filmed entirely using professional High Definition cameras.

The viewer is invited to join three fabulous, fun-loving girls, Salma, Susana & Leticia, and spend a few days with them in their Mallorcan villa.  They enjoy the sun, play by the pool, walk in the gardens but they decided to have even more fun by making a pact to pee anywhere they wanted during the stay.  In the course of the movie, they pee 26 times in a variety of locations. Running time is 66 minutes.



Chapter One

After relaxing around the pool for a while, the girls took a break to have some lunch on the terrace.  They had been drinking lots of bottled water during the morning and Salma was the first to need to pee.  She walked out on to the terrace, threw off the towel, which she was wearing and took an exuberant pee on to the terrace.  Salma had barely returned to the table before Leticia needed to go.  Leticia shed her towel, walked out, and sat on the terrace steps before taking a huge arcing pee on to the tiles.  Finally, Susana decided to go and walked out on to the lower terrace before standing and peeing a flood on to the flagstones.



Chapter Two

As the rain was pouring down, Susana had been lying on her bed resting.  She awoke needing to pee and hurried over to the main building.  As everyone had gone out, the door was locked and so Susana braved the rain again to go and squat by the parked car and pee on the drive.

Later, Salma emerged naked from her room, to pee outside.  The rain was falling in torrents and so Salma decided just to pee in one of the planters on the covered terrace.  She crouched down, lifted her leg in a strange doggy style and peed a long stream on to the plants.  Leticia had been having some lunch on the covered terrace and when she needed to pee, made to go indoors, but as the nearest door was locked and she did not want to cross the rain swept terrace, Leticia sat on the step and peed a fountain on to the tiled floor.  Later in the day, the weather was rather cooler and so Leticia had swapped her skimpy outfit for a woollen dress and to alleviate her boredom was wandering around the villa garden.  The chill air made Leticia feel the need to pee and so she sat on the steps leading to the roof terrace and sent a long arc of pee down towards the patio below.



Chapter Three

Susana was bored and went for a walk in the lane.  After a while, she became desperate to pee and squatted in the lane, leaving an impressive pee puddle.  Salma also had gone for a walk in the garden and needed to pee as she returned to the house.  She stopped on the porch outside on of the house doors and peed on to the flagstones.

Susan & Leticia had gone for a drive and returned to the villa as the rain lashed down in torrents.  They had been bursting to pee for ages and could not wait a minute longer, after getting out of the car.  To avoid being soaked, whilst they peed, they raised the tailgate of the car and jumped into the luggage area, from where they peed great arcs on the rain soaked flagstones.



Chapter Four

Salma returned to the villa during a torrential downpour.  Salma did not mind getting wet as she was only wearing a flimsy white dress.  In fact, she danced around in rain, before squatting down and sending a jet of pee up in to the air, before it crashed down on to the water covered flagstones.  Salma finished peeing and cavorted around in the puddles, before returning to the house.  The weather returned to normal and Leticia decided to take her morning shower outdoors.  She showered and shaved in the open, before taking a huge gushing pee on to the floor.

Salma was wandering around the exterior of the house and, when she needed to pee, ascended the steps to the roof terrace and took an exuberant pee, which left the terrace soaked.  Leticia had been down to the village for lunch and a drink with a couple of friends and returned to the villa, needing to pee.  There was no one around and so she just squatted and peed on the terrace.



Chapter Five

The sun was shining and Susana & Leticia were in playful mood.  When they needed to pee, they headed out to the garden, stood side by side with their legs wide apart and their dresses pulled up and peed torrents on to the grass.  With the sun shining, Salma was also in a silly mood and she played on the swing.  When she needed to pee, she just opened her legs and peed from the swing.  Later, Leticia was enjoying the warmth and sunbathing naked by the pool and when she needed to pee, she decided to be really naughty and squatted down by the edge of the pool and released an arc of pee into the pool.



Chapter Six

Susana took a break from sunbathing to stroll around the garden and when she needed to pee, she just stood by the entrance to the driveway and peed an arc on to the gravel.  Leticia had been partying in town and spent the night at a friend's flat.  She returned to the villa in the early morning, still wearing her party dress.  She was desperate for a pee but all the shutters were shut, as everyone else was still asleep.  Leticia decided that she would water one of the flower planters and took a long pee on to the flowers.  The next day an early visitor arrives and Salma encourages him to wake up Susana & Leticia.  Still half asleep, the girls stagger out and pee on the outer terrace.



Chapter Seven

Salma was resting on a sun lounger by the pool and when she needed to pee, she simply walked over to the steps leading to the garden and took a huge arcing pee from the top step, into the garden.  Salma needed to pee and headed into one of the bathrooms but instead of peeing in the toilet, she jumped up and straddled the hand basin, before peeing a forceful stream.  Susana completes the movie by peeing on the floor of the shower room.



Running Time: 66 Minutes
Available on DVD
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