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Project Pee: Eve & Ewa's Rivera Travels Volume 2
  Eve & Ewa's Rivera Travels Volume 2

Volume 2 follows the girls on their trip down the Riviera coast to the historic port of Genova and then on the fabulous harbour town of Portofina. After spending some time in Portofino, the girls make the tedious last leg of their journey back to Pisa.



Chapter One

The girls set out from San Remo and headed down the coast towards Genova.  Their first stop was at a smart yacht marina, where they hoped to visit the cafe for a cup of coffee and to use the toilet.  However, the visitor centre was closed and so the girls walked along the quayside and Ewa squatted and peed by a moored yacht.  After she had finished, Eve took her turn to pee a long arc into the harbour.  The girls headed along to the next small town and walked along the waterfront area looking for a cafe.  They were a little too early as the cafes were just starting to open up and so, as they were desperate to pee, they headed for the beach toilets.  An iron grill covered the toilet door and so Ewa peed in the outdoor shower and after she had finished Eve peed into the long sink.



Chapter Two

The girls arrived in Genova and immediately became snarled up in the heavy traffic.  They had to crawl through the narrow congested streets and Ewa became increasingly desperate to pee.  Finally, she could wait no longer and Eve had to stop and let Ewa out of the car to pee in the gutter.  Ewa started peeing but then had to stop as someone approached.  As soon as he had passed, she resumed peeing until her bladder was finally empty.  The girls carried on driving through Genova but soon Eve was bursting to pee and Ewa needed to go again.  They turned in to a factory car park on the shoreline, intending to pee on the rocks but there were several people fishing and so Eve peed between the parked cars and Ewa followed, just managing to finish before one of the factory people came up from the beach to tell them that they were on private property.



Chapter Three

The girls finally managed to clear the heavy traffic and stopped for a break in a leisure area by the seashore.  Eve rested by the car whilst Ewa walked a long the busy promenade in search of a toilet.  She reached the end of the promenade without finding a toilet and so walked out on to the rocks and sat on a large rock, as if enjoying the sun.  She peed steadily down the rock until a postal delivery worker appeared and she had to pull her skirt down and resume a sunbathing posture.  Before setting off again, Eve needed to go and so removed her high-heeled shoes and walked barefoot across the rocks to the waterline.  With her back to the other people sunbathing on the rocks, Eve opened her legs wide a peed a torrent on to the rocks.  Unfortunately, there was a breeze blowing, which splashed the pee around and Eve had to walk back to the car with her legs glistening with pee.  The girls set out again and were held up in more slow-moving traffic.  They needed to pee before joining the autostrada and so pulled in to the station car park to look for a toilet.  When Eve got out of the car, she was far too desperate to walk to the main station and rushed over to a lamppost and peed unto the circle of earth around it's base.  Ewa squatted down between the parked cars and peed for ages, just managing to finish before a lady walked past.



Chapter Four

Finally clear of Genova, the girls abandoned the coastal road and took the autostrada towards Portofino.  The stopped at the last service area before their exit and finally managed to find a toilet.  Eve took a long hard pee into the toilet and then was able to wash her hands and tidy up her make-up whilst Ewa took her turn to pee.  The girls then went in to the cafeteria for a coffee and sandwich before continuing their drive to Portofino.  The autostrada took the girls high up into the mountains and after leaving it, they had a long winding descent towards Portofino.  They needed to pee again and so stopped at a small car park in one of the villages en route.  The small building, which they had taken to be a public toilet, was in fact a storage facility and so they walked up to the main street.  The street was lined with houses but there was no sign of a toilet or cafe and so Ewa took cover in a corner of the bus shelter and squatted before peeing a flood on to the floor.  Eve then took her turn and avoided stepping on to the pee flooded area by sitting on the bench.  As she was in view of passing traffic, she peed through the slats of the bench, leaving the floor drenched in pee.



Chapter Five

The girls finally arrived in Portofino and parked in the municipal car park before setting out to explore the village.  They managed to get lost in the myriad of tiny lanes and came to a dead-end.  Eve badly needed to pee and decided to pee into the drain at the entrance to a courtyard.  Unfortunately, her stream was too strong and arced over the drain and made a mess all over the cobbles.  The girls found their way down to the harbour area and as Ewa was now desperate for a pee, followed signs, which pointed to the direction of the toilets.  They did not find a toilet however and ended up at the foot of one of the many steep stairways that led to parts of the village perched on the hillside.  They climbed a little way up the staircase and whilst Eve kept watch, Ewa peed a flood on to the stone steps, leaving them drenched with pee.  The girls sat outside one of the harbour cafes and had ice cream and a couple of soft drinks.  As Eve needed to pee, they made another effort to find the toilets but arrived at the end of the jetty, without having come across the toilets.  They turned back and Eve hurried over behind a wheelie bin and peed a long stream of pee which ran out from under the bin and wound it's way on to the jetty.  After looking round the designer boutiques, the girls headed back to the car park and made their way to the toilet.  They found the ladies toilet locked and with an out of order sign on the door.  They could not be bothered climbing up and down the stairs looking for another toilet and so first Ewa and then Eve peed in the stairwell near to the toilet door.



Chapter Six

The girls left Portofino and stopped at the first fuel station to fill up for the long drive to Pisa.  The station was just about to close and they had locked up the workshops and offices.  They filled the girls' car but when asked about a toilet said that they were all locked up for the night.  The girls paid for the fuel and then walked over to the beach club “for a last look at the sea.” As soon as they were out of sight of the garage, Ewa squatted down and took a long pee outside the beach club, whilst Eve kept watch.  As soon as Ewa finished, Eve peed a torrent against another part of the beach club and then the girls strolled casually back to collect their car.  It was a long tortuous drive to Pisa and long before they were anywhere near their destination both girls were desperate to pee again.  Eve did not want to take any long diversions from their route and so pulled off the main road, running through a small town and on to a side road by the river.  As soon as the car stopped, Ewa opened her door, swung her legs out of the car and released a big arc of pee on to the tarmac.  Eve stepped out of the driver's door, put her leg up on the low wall and unleashed a torrent of pee on to the roadside.  Greatly relieved, they turned the car back to the main road and drove off quickly towards Pisa.



Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD
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