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Project Pee: Eve & Ewa's Rivera Travels Volume 1
  Eve & Ewa's Rivera Travels Volume 1

A lavish two-volume production filmed on the Italian Riviera, France, and including what we believe to be the only public peeing scenes, filmed in the Jewel of the Riviera, Monte Carlo.

Volume 1 follows the girls on their trip from Pisa to San Remo, their evening visit to Monte Carlo and return to San Remo. Next, we accompany them around San Remo and the adjacent Riviera towns and villages.

Volume 2 follows the girls on their trip down the Riviera coast to the historic port of Genova and then on the fabulous harbour town of Portofina. After spending some time in Portofino, the girls make the tedious last leg of their journey back to Pisa.



Chapter One

We join the girls on the long drive from Pisa to San Remo and see them pull off the main road to allow first Eve and then Ewa to pee into a drainage ditch.



Chapter Two

After a change of clothes, the girls head up to Monte Carlo for dinner.  They arrive desperate to pee and, after having to park the car some way from the restaurant, they end up taking very risky pees on the main promenade by the harbour.  After dinner, the girls stroll along the harbour front, absorbing the atmosphere of Monte Carlo, but soon Ewa is bursting to pee and has to sit on a low wall and pee on to the promenade with people walking by on the pavement behind.  Eve soon needs to go as well and had to take a stop and start pee seated on another wall.  As the girls drove back through France, Ewa became desperate again and they had to stop to let Ewa take a huge pee on the steps of an industrial building.



Chapter Three

The girls headed out to explore San Remo and made their way down to the promenade.  It was a warm day and they had been drinking water and iced tea and so soon needed to pee.  First Ewa and then Eve peed down the marble steps.  The girls then made their way to the harbour of the old town, which was bustling with people, as there was a band competition in progress.  Ewa needed to pee and, with some difficulty, managed to squat by some parked cars.  Eve had to find a place amongst the boats, which had been taken out of the water and were sitting on the harbour front.  After a while, the loud music became a little too much for the girls and they headed in to town in search of a quiet cafe.  Ewa was desperate to pee but none of the cafes had opened for the day and so she ended up sitting in an outdoor cafe and peeing on the floor as people walked by in the street.  Eve managed to wait until they reached a small park area, where she took a huge pee on the path.  The girls then headed back to their car but Ewa was desperate again and needed to pee before setting off in the car.  Wherever she tried to squat, people appeared including a marching band in one case.  Finally, she sat on a bench with a magazine spread open across her knees as if reading, whilst peeing on the pavement below.



Chapter Four

The girls headed out top drive down the coast and had to make an emergency pee stop as Ewa was at bursting point.  She peed an absolute flood by the door of the car and left the tarmac drenched with pee.  A little less desperate, Eve walked over to the grassy verge overlooking the sea and took a long pee, just a few feet above someone preparing a barbecue on the beach below.  By the time that the girls arrived at the first small resort town, Ewa was desperate to pee again and headed along the busy promenade to the beach toilet.  She arrived at the toilet to find it closed fore the season and had to pee outside the building, not realising that she was in full view of a group of ladies who were standing chatting.  The girls had a coffee and sandwich at one of the outdoor cafes before strolling round the town.  Eve was at bursting point and with no toilets to be seen anywhere had to resort to standing in a doorway in a busy street and peeing on the pavement.  Before leaving, to drive back to San Remo the girls took a walk on the beach and Ewa took the opportunity to squat and pee on the sand.  By this time, some sunbathers had taken an interest in the girls and come over for a closer look and so Eve had to sit on the edge of a small boat, as if admiring the sea view, whilst she peed down the side of the boat.  The girls arrived back at the hotel and as they were both desperate to pee, hurried to their room to use the toilet.  However, Eve opened the bathroom door to find a maintenance plumber working on the shower.  Unable to wait a moment longer, Ewa rushed out and peed on the balcony.  Eve followed her example and took a huge pee on the balcony.  She burst out laughing when she realised that the pee was running from the balcony drain on to the car park below and a guest was looking puzzled at to where the water drips were coming from.



Chapter Five

The girls had a few cool drinks in the hotel bar, before heading out for a drive down the coast.  By the time that they had reached the car park, they realised that they should have used the toilet before leaving the hotel.  They did not want top bother going all the way back in and so decided to pee in the extensive grounds of the hotel.  Eve squatted on some steps which his her from view of the hotel windows and took a long arcing pee.  Ewa had to wait until a car coming up the drive passed before squatting in the cover of a stone bench and peeing on the path.  The girls drove to one of the many small, former fishing villages and walked round the harbour.  Before returning to the car, Eve needed to pee and managed to find a secluded area beside a parked pick-up truck.  Ewa squatted in the doorway of the harbour master's office but had to stop abruptly and pull up her panties as a group of people came into view.



Chapter Six

The girls continued up the coast until they found another small town where they decided to stop for a drink.  They had to park the car on the far side of a small park and walk up to the roadside bar area.  Ewa needed to pee, squatted under one of the palm trees, and started peeing on to the earth.  However, she had to stop quickly and pull down her skirt as someone approached and walked directly past her.  As soon as he had passed, she resumed her position and finished her pee.  Eve walked a little further along the path before stopping and taking a substantial pee on to the pathway.  The girls sat at an outdoor bar, enjoyed a couple of drinks and a few snacks, and then took a stroll around the area.  They stopped at a terraced area in the town centre and Ewa said that she was desperate to pee.  She sat on one of the terraces and started to pee strongly but was interrupted when some people arrived at the nearby bus stop.  She waited impatiently until they had boarded the bus and then resumed peeing on to the terrace.  More people arrived at the bus stop and so Eve had to sit with her legs angled out of view of the bus stop, whilst she peed a fierce stream on to the terrace.  The girls carried on driving along the coast road and turned off into a small village to look for a toilet as they both needed to pee.  They drove into the small village car park and found themselves in the middle of a wedding reception, which was being held on the beach.  With cars, pedestrians coming, going, and no sign of a toilet, Ewa resorted to standing by the driver's door of the car, as if in conversation with Eve, whilst she peed straight down on to the tarmac.  She peed a torrent, which left a huge puddle at Eve's door.  Eve got out of the car, stepping carefully over the puddle, and walked over to the phone box where she pretended to make a call but, in reality, pulled up the front of her skirt and took a forceful pee on to the floor of the phone box.



Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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