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Project Pee: Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2
  Salma & Cindy In Mallorca Volume 2

Volume 2 begins with Salma collecting Cindy to continue exploring the island.  By now, Cindy has acquired Salma’s naughty (but nice) ways and they engage in even more outrageous peeing and exhibitionist adventures.

This movie runs for approx 57 minutes and contains 28 pee scenes.



Chapter One

In Chapter 1, the day starts quietly with the girls stopping for a pee at a well-used rest area.  They were certainly not the first to stop here for this purpose as the wooded area was littered with used tissues and stank of pee.  In fact, the smell was so bad that Salma crossed to the other side of the road to pee in the bushes.  By the time Salma finished, various other cars had stopped and so Cindy had to scramble over the rocks to find a quiet place to pee.  The weather was warming up and so the girls changed into short summer dresses and headed on to the next cafe and gift shop.  The cafe had not opened for the day and the girls were desperate to pee.  Salma just stood in the busy car park and peed forcefully on to the ground.  Cindy moved round to the slight cover offered by a low wall and peed a flood onto the car park.



Chapter Two

In Chapter 2, the girls pulled into a gas station but as it was Easter Sunday, the station was closed.  Salma needed to pee and was in an even wilder mood than usual and insisted on climbing up onto one of the gas pumps and peeing backwards on to the forecourt.  Cindy was rather less agile than Salma and settled for putting one foot on another pump and spraying a torrent onto the concrete.  The girls arrived at a small village on the coastal road but could not find a place to park until they were about to drive out of the far end of the village.  Desperate to pee, Salma rushed from the car to a small building, which looked like it may have been a toilet block.  It is in fact the old water supply from pre-internal plumbing days and Salma decided to use it as a toilet.  Cindy came down to pee as well and took cover in the building whilst peeing in the outflow.  The girls carried on driving but by the time they reached the next village, Salma was at bursting point as she pulled off the road onto a piece of waste ground.

As soon as she stopped the car, Salma opened the driver’s door, swung her legs out and released a torrent of pee onto the ground.  They headed off to look for a cafe but Cindy had reached bursting point and after several aborted attempts to find somewhere to pee, she eventually stood on the entrance steps to a house and delivered probably one of the most impressive pees from the movie.



Chapter Three

In Chapter 3, while out driving, Salma badly needed to pee and turned off the main road and into a side road where she stopped the car.  Instead of bothering to get out of the car, Salma simply pushed her bottom out of the driver’s window and took a gushing pee onto the road, just managing to finish before a car drove past.  Cindy managed to hold on for a little longer until they stopped to look at a newly constructed villa.  Cindy decided to christen the new property by peeing from the top of the stairway down into the courtyard below.  The girls parked with the intention of taking the bus down to the beach but Cindy was desperate to pee and so she sat on the bench at the bus stop and pees a flood whilst the traffic drove past.  Salma was also desperate and so headed over to the nearby woodland and peed against at large tree.



Chapter Four

In Chapter 4, the girls arrived at a large, outdoor restaurant on the edge of a nature reserve.  Incredibly, there were no public toilets at the restaurant and people could be seen wandering furtively into the wooded areas.  Salma had no such reservations, stopped on the main stairs, and peed a flood from a standing position.  Cindy was rather more discrete and walked off the main path before sitting on the wall and peeing a torrent.  The girls ordered a couple of beers and lunch and sipped on their beers while lunch was being prepared.  However, their bladders reached bursting point before lunch was ready and so they strolled round to a large stone building at the entrance to the nature reserve and first Cindy and then Salma took gushing pees in the doorways.  The girls ate lunch and then headed back to their car but Salma needed to pee again and so she ducked behind the shed, which housed the dustbins and took a long pee.



Chapter Five

In Chapter 5, Salma took Cindy to a tranquil beach that she knew.  It was on the edge of a National Park and so they had to leave their car and walk down towards the beach.  By the time they had walked half the distance they were both desperate to pee and ended up sitting on a little bridge over a stream where first Cindy and then Salma took long arcing pees into the water.  Salma finished abruptly as two female park police arrived and you can just hear a strident voice speaking in Spanish at the end of the scene when one of the officers gave Salma a dressing down for behaving inappropriately in a National Park.  They followed the girls around for the rest of the time and so Salma and Cindy curtailed their visit to the beach and headed back to the car.  Later that day the girls drove to another village and stopped for a drink in a cafe bar.  Unabashed by her earlier encounter with the police, Salma decided to climb up a tree and pee from the branches onto the bar terrace.  Cindy took a less energetic option and peed through the wicker chair on to the terrace floor.  After realising a neighbour was watching from his windows, the girls thought it prudent to leave and drove back to Palma.  On arriving at Palma harbor Salma was desperate to pee but the area was very busy and she was thwarted time after time.  Finally, she was able to pee by the cover of a palm tree but had to stop and wait for more people to pass before being able to finish her pee.



Chapter Six

In Chapter 6, the girls arrived back at Cindy’s hotel in the early evening and, as it was Cindy’s last day on the island, they took a final stroll on the beach in front of the hotel.  Cindy was bursting for a pee and squatted down on the waterline and peeing into the wavelets that lapped round her feet.  Salma headed off to look at a strange rock formation, which almost formed a gateway to the bay.  She needed to pee but had to wait until she was out of view of a man watching her from the beach.  As soon as she could, Salma squatted down and peed an arcing stream into the sea.  The girls got ready in Salma’s room before going out for their evening meal.  Cindy was having a shower, Salma needed to pee, and so she decided to play a joke on Cindy by peeing in the tray from her fridge.  Later Salma was in the shower and Cindy wanted to go in to the bathroom to pee but Salma would not let Cindy in.  Cindy then peed inside the wardrobe and left Salma to mop up the mess.



Running Time: 57 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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