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Project Pee: Eve and Ewa's Tuscan Idyll 3
  Eve and Ewa's Tuscan Idyll 3

Filmed against the magnificent backdrop of Florence, Fiesole, San Gimigiano, Lucca, Viareggio and Pisa as well as the beautiful Tuscan landscape this film shoot remains one of our most memorable and enjoyable.

Volume 3 features filming en route to and within the fabulous medieval walled city of Lucca and follows the girls to the seaside resort of Viareggio for a change of pace as they enjoy the sun, sea and sand before they complete their trip in the famous city of Pisa.  Running time is 1 hour 17 minutes and the movie contains 25 full pee scenes.



Chapter One

In Chapter 1, the girls set out on the drive to Lucca and when they both need to pee, Eve leaves the main road and stops by the entrance to a vineyard.  They hurry into the vineyard and Ewa loses no time in squatting down and peeing amongst the vines.  When she has finished, Eve takes her place and takes a long hard pee on to the dry ground.  After finishing the girls taste the ripe grapes before carrying on their journey.



Chapter Two

In Chapter 2, the girls need another pee break and pull in beside the ancient Ponte a Cappiano, an unusual bridge with houses along one side of it's length.  Ewa squats down behind the low parapet wall and takes a long pee as traffic rumbles over the bridge.  Eve decides to perch on the edge of the low parapet and send a stream of pee on to the grass below.  However, a cycle tour passes over the bridge as she is peeing but fortunately, they are distracted by looking at Ewa who is standing at the side of the roadway.  The girls carry on driving until they have to stop again for a pee.  They pull off the main road on to a small side road that crosses a narrow bridge and park at the entrance to a field.  Ewa squats down and takes a long pee at the side of the road.  Eve has to wait as there is a lot of traffic passing on the main road but as soon as she has the chance, she squats down by the edge of the bridge and sends a long arc of pee down into the river below.  It seems to be her day for cyclists as just as she is pulling up her panties a cyclist passes and shouts to her.



Chapter Three

In Chapter 3, the girls arrive in Lucca and after a struggle find a parking space are desperate to pee again.  They have arrived at an area crowded with people enjoying the Sunday morning sunshine and so after failing to see any toilets the girls have to the dodge the crowds and Eve takes a much needed pee in the doorway of an old building, which is part of the fortifications.  Before Ewa can take her turn, some people appear and so Ewa has to move a little further along to the cover of another building before she can squat down and pee.  The girls change and head out to explore the old parts of the city.  Eve is desperate to pee again but there are no cafes open in this area and so no chance of finding a toilet.  Eve has to take a risky pee in the street with only a parked scooter to conceal her from view.  As they were sure that people might have seen Eve from their windows, the girls moved on quickly.  Ewa was also desperate but it was difficult to find a quiet spot where she could pee.  Eventually, she took advantage of a break in people passing and squatted on the doorstep of a closed shop before peeing a neat arc out on to the cobbled street.  The girls spent some time exploring the busy market in front of the Duomo before heading off to explore the quieter back streets.  Ewa needed to pee and so the girls headed into one of the small squares where they had seen the awnings of a cafe.  However, when they reached the square they found the cafe closed and so, unable to wait any longer, Ewa squatted and peed in a doorway.  By now, Eve was also desperate but the girls had to move on as some people were coming.  They headed round a corner and Eve took the chance to pee close to a building, leaving a flood of pee, which ran right across to the other side of the narrow street.  After another walk round the market the girls headed for their car.  Before leaving, to travel along the coast they took a last walk round the old gateway through the city walls.  Ewa decided to make use of one of the old buildings and squatted down to take a long pee on the ground.  Eve was about to do the same but some people appeared on the upper rampart and so she had to go round to the other side of the building before squatting and taking a long pee on the grass.



Chapter Four

In Chapter 4, the girls set out to drive up the coast but soon Ewa needed to pee.  Eve pulled off the main road and then turned into the entrance to a farm.  Ignoring the houses overlooking the area and the barking of a watchdog, Ewa jumped out of the car and ran over to the cover of a parked van, before squatting down and taking a much-needed pee on to the earth.  Ewa wiped quickly and returned to the car before anyone came out from the farmhouse to see why the dog was barking.  Eve carried on driving but eventually needs to stop for a pee.  The main road is very busy and so the best Eve can do is to turn into a track.  The track is far to steep and rough for a normal car and so Eve has to stop at the very entrance.  There is an old chair sitting at the road end, presumably to accommodate someone waiting for the bus and so Eve sits on the chair and takes a gushing pee on to the road.



Chapter Five

In Chapter 5, the girls arrive in Viareggio and head for the beach.  They stroll on the beach for a while and then sit by a boat near to the waterline.  When Ewa needs to pee, she simply pulls the crotch of her panties to one side and allows an arc of pee to splash into the sand between her legs.  Eve also needs to pee and so simply releases her pee into the sand as well.  The girls then paddle in the warm sea and wash the sand and pee splashes off their legs.  They walk up to the promenade and have a drink and then return to enjoy the beach.  It is time to leave and so the girls make their way back to the car, stopping at the beach toilets.  Despite the beach area being full of people, the toilets are locked and so the girls walk along the promenade in search of other toilets.  With none is sight Eve decides that she can't wait any longer and pees by the plant pots on the busy prom.  They then head for the street where the car is parked.  Before they reach the car Ewa decides that she has to go as well and takes a very public pee in a busy side road, only yards from the crowded main street.



Chapter Six

In Chapter 6, the girls finally arrive in Pisa and find a parking place on the riverbank near to one of the original city gates.  They head towards the bridge across the river but Eve cannot walk any further until she has peed.  The girls stop in a small square and Eve sits on the bench surrounding one of the planters, making sure that she is facing away from the old lady seated on an adjacent bench.  Eve opens her legs and pulls the crotch of her panties to one side before releasing an arc of pee into the gutter surrounding the planter.  Eve had barely finished when some more people arrived and so the girls continued a little further across the square until Ewa could squat down in the cover of a planter and leave a huge puddle of pee on the paving.  The girls drove in to the town centre and changed in the Ladies room of a small bar before walking along to admire the Duomo and the famous Leaning Tower.  The girls spent some time admiring the tower but as they needed to pee, they moved off in search of a toilet.  As they had walked into a residential street, there were no cafes around and so Ewa had to pee in the gutter behind a parked car and was lucky to finish just moments before some people walked into the street.  Eve hurried over and squatted in a gateway but was less fortunate as a car passed, catching her in midstream.  She wiped and pulled up her trousers quickly as some people were coming.  In her hurry, she jammed the zip of her trousers and had to walk close to Ewa to avoid this showing.  The girls had a final meal in Pisa before they were due to head for the airport and then walked back to the car.  Although Ewa had used the toilet in the restaurant, she needed to pee again on reaching the car and so she hurried round to the front of the car and peed a flood beside the rubbish bins.



Running Time: 1 Hour 17 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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