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Project Pee: Eve and Ewa's Tuscan Idyll 2
  Eve and Ewa's Tuscan Idyll 2

Filmed against the magnificent backdrop of Florence, Fiesole, San Gimigiano, Lucca, Viareggio and Pisa as well as the beautiful Tuscan landscape this film shoot remains one of our most memorable and enjoyable.

Volume 2 features filming en-route to, within and returning from the spectacular walled Tuscan hill town of San Gimigiano.  Running time is 1 hour 5 minutes and the movie contains 21 full pee scenes.



Chapter One

In Chapter 1, Eve and Ewa are journeying south to the ancient walled hill town of San Gimigiano but just over half way to their destination, they have to pull in to a parking area in order to pee.  Ewa dashes a little way down the path before squatting and peeing and after she finishes Eve takes her place and really soaks the ground.  Eve manages to get the lining of her skirt stuck and some hilarity ensues as she tries to pull her skirt back down.  Before reaching their destination, Ewa is desperate to pee again and so Eve pulls off the main road and stops in a small industrial estate.  Ewa jumps out, squats down between the car and some bins, and leaves a real flood of pee on the concrete.



Chapter Two

In Chapter 2, the girls arrive at San Gimigiano and park outside the city walls.  Before they even reach the main entrance, Eve is bursting and has to sit on a bench in a very busy area and pee on the pathway.  Ewa is also desperate and so the girls walk round the corner to allow Ewa to pee on the roadway.  The girls return to the car park to collect something from the car and decide that they will take the opportunity to use the public toilet at the corner of the car park.  There is already a lady trying to work out which coins are required to enter the toilet and whilst Eve translates the instructions for the lady, Ewa fidgets and becomes more desperate.  Finally, she just ducks between a couple of cars and pees a flood on to the tarmac.  Eve decides that she can wait until later and the girls head into the old walled part of town.  Soon Eve is regretting not having used the toilet as she becomes more desperate as they wander through the narrow streets.  She is tempted to squat in the street but there always seems to be someone in the area.  Finally, they reach the top of the walls and Eve manages to take a huge pee in a corner of the walkway.  Ewa needs to go again but some people have appeared and so she squats on the long staircase leading down to the road below.



Chapter Three

In Chapter 3, the girls make their way back down into the central area and stop for a coffee in the square.  They tire of the bustle and head back up in the direction of the main church.  Soon the coffee that they drank is pressing on their bladders and with no toilets anywhere they have to dash into one of the medieval staircases that join the different levels of the town.  Eve releases a huge gushing pee, which spatters down the worn steps and as soon as she finishes, Ewa rushes to take her place on the stairway and takes a long pee down the steps.  The girls finish with seconds to spare as some tourists arrive and Eve and Ewa leave hurriedly before the tourists notice the river of pee streaming out from the stairway.  The girls relax for a while by an olive grove and admire the Tuscan landscape from their vantage point, before moving on along the upper walls.  Ewa badly needs to pee but the area is overlooked by a higher section of wall, which is dotted with tourists.  Ewa has to sit on a stone bench, pretending to be having a rest, and pee whilst the tourist walk around on the upper wall.  Eve stands close to the buttress of the wall to be less visible and pees a torrent on to the ground, soaking her feet in the process.  Although it was a bit after lunchtime, the girls hoped that they would be able to get something to eat before driving back to Florence.  They headed to a restaurant just outside the old walls but they were closing and Ewa's request to use the toilet was bluntly turned down and so, before leaving she peed between the tables on their terrace.  The girls crossed back to the old city and found a pleasant looking restaurant just inside the wall but it too had finished serving for the afternoon and so Eve walked a few yards up the lane and took a huge pee in a doorway.



Chapter Four

In Chapter 4, the girls headed back towards Florence but Ewa was hungry and Eve needed to pee.  They turned off the main road and finally found a supermarket in a suburb.  Ewa was able to buy a snack but there were no public toilets and so Eve peed in a drain by the trolley park.  The girls carried on driving but after a short period needed to pee again.  Eve pulled of the main road and on to a track into some farmland.  She stopped and lost no time in peeing a flood by the side of the track and Ewa followed suit and took a very pee by the roadside.



Chapter Five

In Chapter 5, the girls reach the outskirts of Florence but are desperate to pee again.  Eve manages to find somewhere to park by a bridge over a small river and the girls look around for a cafe but it's Saturday afternoon and everything in the suburbs is closed.  The girls head along a path by the riverbank and Eve sits on the concrete slope, pulls the crotch of her panties to one side and lets a river of pee run down the slope to join the water below.  Ewa walks a little further along the riverbank until she comes to a flight of steps where she can squat down and empty her bladder on to the concrete.



Chapter Six

In Chapter 6, the girls finally arrive back at their hotel, desperate to pee.  They rush up to their room and Eve goes into the toilet first.  She is in too much of a hurry even to go to the toilet and stops at the bidet, pulls down her panties and releases a high-pressure stream of pee into the bidet.  Greatly relieved, she makes way for Ewa who follows Eve's example and takes a long pee into the bidet.



Running Time: 1 Hour 5 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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