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Project Pee: Eve & Genevieve In Paris & Versailles Volume 2
  Eve & Genevieve In Paris & Versailles Volume 2

The continuation of our girls' adventures in Paris and then at the fabulous Palace of Versailles.  Volume 2 rejoins the girls in the famous Bois de Boulogne and accompanies them back in to the heart of the city.  A couple of daring scenes in the street are followed by probably two of the most public scenes from the whole film shoot when, after ages spent in slow traffic the girls have to pee at the very busy Madeleine during the rush hour.  The volume continues with the previously unreleased scene of Eve peeing in the heart of the Opera district on her way back from the restaurant to her hotel.

The next section of the movie is filmed in the stunning grounds of the Palace of Versailles with a selection of stylish and daring scenes rounded off by a daring pee duet at the gates as the leave the palace.

The final chapter of the movie follows the girls as they head back to the airport and we see Eve take a pee in the parking area of service station and Genevieve take her final pee of the movie in the hire car return area of Charles de Gaulle airport.  Running time is slightly less than Volume 1 but there is no shortage of stylish and daring peeing action.



Chapter One

In Chapter 1, we rejoin the girls in the Bois de Boulogne on the banks of the Seine and see Genevieve take a much-needed pee beside a tree.  Later Eve takes a huge gushing pee on the gangplank of a houseboat and before they leave to head back into the city Genevieve takes another pee by one of the houseboats.



Chapter Two

In Chapter 2, the girls are travelling along the embankment and stop to admire the Parisian original of the Statue of Liberty.  Eve is desperate to pee and just pulls down her pantyhose and floods the pavement.  As they head back to the car Genevieve stops to take a pee in the gutter between the parked cars.

The traffic on the way back to the hotel is a nightmare and the girls are in agony as we crawl through the city.  We have to stop outside L'Eglise du Madeleine, one of the busiest parts of town, to allow first Eve and then Genevieve to pee in the gutter as traffic passes.  This was entirely unscheduled and probably the last place we would have chosen as a location.

Returning from having dinner Eve needs to pee and we take a detour off the main road in the busy Opera district to allow Eve to pee on the pavement of a side street.



Chapter Three

In Chapter 3, after a long drive and an even longer search for a parking place, Eve is desperate to pee before entering the Palace of Versailles.  She takes a huge pee in the doorway of one of the municipal buildings before entering the Palace grounds.  Once inside the girls wander round the grounds, enjoying the splendour of the setting and the piped music in the gardens.  Genevieve needs a pee and does her best to conceal her actions from the crowds by peeing on the corner of a staircase but manages to pee all over her legs in the process.  Eve is more successful and delivers a torrent of pee onto the marble staircase.



Chapter Four

In Chapter 4, it's not long before Genevieve needs to pee again and this time she squats on one of the huge staircases and takes a long pee, finishing just before a family group descend the staircase walking through the pee puddle.

As they walk round the grounds, Eve needs to pee again and squats down by the wall in the shade of the potted palm trees.  Genevieve is also desperate and takes a pee from a high squat right next to a potted palm.



Chapter Five

In Chapter 5, as they work their way back round towards the entrance Genevieve is desperate again and squats on the path.  Eve notices that there are people on the level above watching and so she sits on one of the window ledges set into the thick walls and then stands up in the window aperture.  So deep is the aperture that she can stand and pee without being visible to anyone on the terrace above although the loud splashing of the pee must have been discernable.

Finally as the girls leave the palace grounds they pause to take a spectacular pee duet right at the entrance.



Chapter Six

In Chapter 6, the last segment of the movie sees the girls heading to the airport to catch their flights home.  After refuelling the car, Eve takes a huge pee on the forecourt before continuing to the airport.  At the hire car return, a desperate Genevieve takes a final pee, heedless of the CCTV, which must cover the area.



Running Time: 55 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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