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Project Pee: Eve & Cassandra's Grand Tour Of The Thames Valley Volume 2
  Eve & Cassandra's Grand Tour Of The Thames Valley Volume 2

We rejoin the girls at Ascot for a six more scenes, accompany them to Maidenhead and then finish the day with two scenes in their hotel room.  We next head for the historic university city of Oxford, pausing to pee into the pond and wishing well of a garden centre en route.  As they make their way round Oxford, they pause to deliver another 10 gushing pees, often with unsuspecting members of the public only a few feet away.  Returning to Bray, we get stuck in a traffic jam on the M40 and the girls have to pee on the hard shoulder as three lanes of traffic crawl past.  We join the girls as they head to Danesfield House for dinner and see them in a silly mood as they return home.  They insist on peeing in the middle of Marlow Bridge.  The last sequence finds the girls stopping off at historic St Albans on their way back to the airport.  They take very daring pees near the ancient abbey and then, after lunch in the oldest pub in England, they take a walk by the carp ponds.  They decide to use the public toilets but find the Ladies boarded up and so they brave the very smelly Gents and pee by the floor drain.  Volume 2 runs for approx 1 hour 15 minutes and includes 30 gushing pees.



Chapter One

In Chapter 1, we rejoin the girls as they drive into the town of Royal Ascot and park at the racecourse car park.  As it's not a racing day, the gate at the rear of the car park is locked and so the girls face a long walk back to entrance.  They need to pee and decide that they might as well relieve themselves in the car park.  Cassandra squats between two cars and Eve takes a standing pee behind a car.  Eventually, the girls find a way to the racecourse but by that time they are both desperate to pee again.  Cassandra stands on the steps of one of the course official's boxes and pees a flood.  Eve decides to climb right up to the platform and takes a long arcing pee from there.  Later, driving round the surrounding area they see a small building, which they take to be a tearoom.  They head over, hoping to use the toilet and then enjoy a hot drink.  In fact the building is a small nursery school and so they don't have the luxury of a toilet and a cup of coffee and they have to make do with peeing in the garden.



Chapter Two

In Chapter 2, we find the girls taking an early evening stroll along by the Thames at Maidenhead.  The girls are desperate to pee but they are on a busy main road.  However they find some steps leading down to the river level and whilst Eve keeps watch, Cassandra squats on the landing stage and pees a huge arc into the river, splashing a swan in the process.  Eve decides that the steps will provide her with enough cover and so she squats down and floods them.  Just as she is finishing a cyclist passes on the pavement and sees her rearranging her clothes.  The girls return to their hotel and are relaxing before getting ready for dinner.  Cassandra notices that the toilet is not flushing and Eve rings down to reception.  There is no one available to repair the toilet and so Eve climbs into the bath and pees.  Being so tall, Cassandra can easily pee into the washbasin but she manages to lose her towel in the process.



Chapter Three

In Chapter 3, the girls are travelling to Oxford but stop off at a garden centre en route, hoping to find a toilet and have a coffee.  The garden centre is open but the tearoom and toilets don't open for another hour.  Cassandra decides to pee in the pond and Eve takes a pee into the wishing well.  The girls arrive in Oxford and indulge in some of the most daring public peeing that we have ever filmed.  They find themselves desperate in a busy Oxford square.  It's the beginning of the new term and students are moving their belongings in.  The girls have to wait for ages but eventually snatch the opportunity to pee.  Cassandra goes beside a parked car and Eve takes cover behind a parked people carrier.  You can see and hear people walking only feet away from where the girls are peeing.  Next the girls head for the Isis boat terminal, contemplating a river trip.  It's a bit cold and there is not a boat due out for some time.  Eve avoids a waiting couple to pee into the river just round the corner of a building from them.  Cassandra has to pee on the wharf in full view of the people sitting in the garden of the Head of the River pub on the other bank.  The girls then cross the bridge and stop at the pub for lunch.



Chapter Four

In Chapter 4, the girls make their way to Christchurch College and, ignoring the Police officers standing across the road, walk into the college entrance where Cassandra takes a huge pee on the cobbles.  She just manages to pull her dress down before a car turns into the entrance.  Eve then grabs the chance to pee before more people arrive and as the girls leave the police officers are still questioning some people across the road.  Walking back to find their car, the girls are desperate to pee again and Cassandra pauses to take a pee on the forecourt of a closed pub in full view of numerous house windows.  Eve manages to hold out a little longer but then has to stop for a pee in the driveway of a little industrial estate.  Before leaving Oxford, the girls have a couple of drinks and decide to take a last walk along by the Isis.  By this time Eve is desperate to pee and in agony.  Finally she can wait no longer and squats by the side of the towpath and releases a huge arc of pee, ignoring the jogger and cyclist who pass as she is peeing.



Chapter Five

In Chapter 5, the girls are being driven back to Bray and have dozed off in the back of the car.  When we come to a virtual standstill in a traffic jam on the M40 the girls wake up and are desperate to pee.  After moving along at walking pace for some time, the girls can't wait any longer and we pull in to the hard shoulder.  Cassandra and then Eve have to pee by the roadside as three lanes of traffic pass at walking pace.  Later, the girls spend their last night in England having dinner at Danesfield House.  Around midnight, the girls set off back to their hotel but need to take a pee en route.  They have had a few drinks and are in a silly mood and so decide to pee in the middle of Marlow Bridge.  Eve pees first, leaving a big pool of pee in the middle of the road.  Cassandra walks out and pulls down her pantyhose but has to jump smartly back as a car approaches.  She returns and takes a huge pee in the middle of the road and finishes just as more cars arrive.  The sound of them splashing through the huge pee puddle can be heard clearly.



Chapter Six

In Chapter 6, it's the girl's last day in England and they stop off for a visit to historic St Albans.  They want to visit the Abbey but they need to pee first and so Cassandra sits on a bench in the grounds, opens her legs wide and floods the paving under her feet.  Eve wants to keep her feet dry and so jumps up on the bench and takes a long arcing pee on to the paving.  After visiting the Abbey, the girls have lunch in the 'oldest pub in England' and then take a final walk round the old carp ponds.  The wind has become very cold and the girls need another pee.  They head to the public toilets, only to find the Ladies boarded up.  The girls decide to use the Gents but the smell is awful.  They take turns to pee on the floor near a drain and then make a quick exit from the smell.



Running Time: 75 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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