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Project Pee Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Vol. 2
  Project Pee Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break 2

These movies follow our popular young models Katharina & Gina on a trip to Mallorca for some late season sun.  Unfortunately for the girls, after a few days of winter sunshine, the island was hit with some very cold and wet weather and so we have varied selection of scenes for your enjoyment.

Volume 2 continues to follow the girls pee adventures but this time the girls are avoiding the rain rather than enjoying the sunshine.



Chapter One

In Chapter 1, the rain is pouring down and the girls are wandering through a village taking whatever shelter they can find.  They are desperate to pee and while Katharina acts as lookout Gina pees in the comfort of a garage.  They change places and Katharina leaves a huge puddle on the floor.  Returning to the seafront the girls walk along the wind and rain swept esplanade.  Gina pees on the already soaking paving and then Katharina makes the paving even wetter.

The girls separate to do some gift shopping and we see Katharina peeing on the pavement in front of a closed shop.  Gina needs to pee and slips up a side street to pee on the road.



Chapter Two

In Chapter 2, the girls continue their exploration despite the weather and when they both need to pee they slip into the garage under a block of flats and leave huge puddles in either corner.  With the weather a little better they walk along the coastline and Katharine takes a pee off the cliff side.  Gina manages to wait until they are coming back into town before using a phone box as a convenient toilet.

We find the girls returning from their evening meal and deciding to stop off at a bar for an opportunity to use the toilet.  The bar is closed and so they don't get their drink but they do pee in the porch.



Chapter Three

In Chapter 3, with the weather a bit brighter, the girls drive out into the country again and their first stop is near to an old windmill.  Kathy pauses to pee on a cactus plant while Gina soaks a rock.  They move on and stop by an old barn where first Kathy and then Gina take much needed pees.



Chapter Four

In Chapter 4, the girls head back to the sea front and Kathy takes a pee on a flight of steps.  Gina finds a secluded corner and takes a long pee as well.  Later we find the girls heading down a steeply sloping lane leading to the sea.  Kathy can't wait any longer and takes a huge pee, which runs off down the lane.  Gina waits till she is at the bottom of the lane before peeing on the terrace.



Chapter Five

In Chapter 5, the girls are doing some exploring on their own and we find Gina walking across a windswept park.  She needs to pee and so jumps up on a stone bench to keep her feet clear of the pee stream.  Kathy takes cover in an ancient staircase leading to the sea and floods the steps.  Later Gina heads down to the Club Nautico to get a warming coffee and use the toilet but finds it closed.  She simply pees on the terrace outside the front door.  The girls meet up again and take a walk along the sea front.  Kathy is desperate to pee and takes a huge standing pee by a bridge.



Chapter Six

In Chapter 6, the weather has improved a little and the girls are determined to make the most of the remainder of their break.  They continue their walk along the seashore and Gina pauses to take a pee on the pavement.  Later they take their last drive in the country and stop for a pee break.  Kathy and then Gina take turns to pee by the roadside.  Back in town and having done their packing they take a farewell walk along the esplanade.  Gina stops to pee in a phone kiosk and then Kathy attempts to refill an empty pool outside a hotel.

We also include out-takes from a section of damaged tape.  Unfortunately two excellent pee scenes in an underground garage were spoilt by a technical problem but parts are still watchable.  Please note that it is the original footage of this scene that is faulty, not the DVD or video.



Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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