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Project Pee: Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Vol. 1
  Project Pee Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Vol. 1

These movies follow our popular young models Katharina & Gina on a trip to Mallorca for some late season sun. Unfortunately for the girls, after a few days of winter sunshine, the island was hit with some very cold and wet weather and so we have varied selection of scenes for your enjoyment.

Volume 1 is divided into 6 chapters with a total of 29 pees.



Chapter One

In Chapter 1, we join the girls as they arrive at their apartment car park.  They are desperate to pee after their journey and we see Katharina and then Gina squat behind a parked car to relieve themselves before they have to carry their luggage to the apartment.  Later, we find the girls out for a walk to explore the area and see Katharina take a big pee by a low wall on the seashore.



Chapter Two

In Chapter 2, we find the girls returning from their evening meal and stopping to pee on a garage forecourt.  Before they arrive home, Gina is desperate again and they have to stop and let her pee in the entrance to a small park.



Chapter Three

In Chapter 3, the sun is shining and the girls head out to explore the neighbourhood.  Katharina stops to pee off a small bridge on to the footpath below.  Gina also needs to pee and squats on the sloping path, causing a river of pee to run off into the distance.  Later, the girls take a break in a small park and Gina squats by the bench that they were sitting on.  Katharina makes use of a small ornamental stone feature and sits on it to pee.



Chapter Four

In Chapter 4, the girls decide to drive up into the hills and stop to admire the countryside.  They take the opportunity to have a pee whilst they are there.  Heading back down towards the coast, the girls make a roadside stop to allow Gina and then Katharina to take a pee.  The girls reach the coast and walk down a lane towards the see.  Gina stops and uses an area of broken paving as an impromptu toilet but Katharina opts to use the drainage gutter, which runs down the centre of the lane.  It is certainly put to good use as the pee stream runs right to the bottom of the hill.  After spending some time on the seashore Katharina takes a pee in the rocks.  Gina walks down to the waterline and pees on the rocky surface there.



Chapter Five

In Chapter 5, the girls are out exploring the seashore again and head in the direction of a lighthouse.  Just before reaching it, Gina pauses to pee on the quayside.  Katharina waits until they are at the base of the lighthouse before taking a huge standing pee.

The girls decide to take a break from the windy seashore and head back up into the mountains.  They park the car and walk along a winding country road, pausing to pee together in the middle of the road.  They move on explore another area, stopping off at a farmyard where firstly Gina and then Katharina pee.



Chapter Six

In Chapter 6, the girls decide to head to a village for a coffee.  Although there are plenty of people around thee seems to be no cafes open and no toilets either.  Gina can't wait any longer and pees in a driveway.  Soon Katharina is too desperate as well and pees on the pathway to someone's house.  The girls carry on driving but have to stop to let Katharina pee in a stable.

Finally, we find the girls relaxing in their apartment.  Gina goes off to use the toilet but Katharina can't wait and pees out on the balcony.



Running Time: 60 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $50.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
SPECIAL: You can buy
Katharina & Gina's Mallorcan Pee Break Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 for $80.00!
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