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Project Pee: The Wet Adventures Of Amber & Libby
  Project Pee - The Wet Adventures Of Amber & Libby

Featuring Amber, a well endowed 19 year old brunette and her best friend Libby, a tall slim natural redhead in her early 20s.  This movie contains no time-wasting filler or off topic material.  In 26 separate scenes these girls manage to produce a truly astounding 70 full gushing pees, surely a world record!



Scene One
  Amber has had a couple of beers before taking a pleasant woodland walk.  The beer catches up with her and she has a huge gushing pee just off the main path.  Next we find Amber out in the woods again and desperate to pee again!  This time she does a gusher by an old tree stump.  On her way home she is really desperate and this time jumps out the car and pees in the middle of a roundabout.  She just manages to finish before more traffic passes.  


Scene Two
  In this sequence we see Amber at work.  The toilet is often locked and so Amber has to find alternative peeing arrangements.  One day she has to deliver a truly massive (and very noisy) pee into the garage drain, another time she squeezes out the side door and has a pee by the building and finally she delivers another huge pee into a disused container.  


Scene Three
  Amber finishes her work at lunchtime and has a few beers in the pub nearby before walking to the station by the scenic route along by a small stream. The beer soon catches up on her and she stops for a pee into the stream; further on and whilst crossing an old wooden bridge she has to stop again and take a long pee between the broken slats. Finally she arrives at the station, absolutely bursting to pee again. She relieves herself in the corner of the shelter.  


Scene Four
  This scene finds Amber out for the day in the country. As soon as she arrives she is peeing out of the car door. A bit later she is relaxing on a log pile when she feels the need. She tries to be lazy and pee where she sits by just opening her legs wide. The pee refuses to come out at that angle and so she has to get up and squat over a tree stump.  


Scene Five
  Amber is out in the country again, this time with a few cans of beer. Too many cans in fact. Soon she needs t o pee and tries various acrobatic positions before simply standing up and letting the pee flow. On her way back to the bus stop and now worse for wear she has a go at peeing in a rutted puddle. She manages to partially fall in to the puddle.  


Scene Six
  Amber has been in the pub again before heading off on a country walk. It's not long before she needs to dispose of some of the beer that she has consumed and squats not far from the busy main road. Into the park she has to stop again twice by the side of the path and pee copiously.  


Scene Seven
  Amber's friend Libby arrives to meet her at work and immediately asks for the toilet. It's still locked and so Libby pees at the back door and we all see proof that Libby is a real red head. Amber then goes in the drain and the girls are about to head off for some fun. Libby needs to go again however and follows Amber's example by peeing in the drain.  


Scene Eight
  The girls are heading in to town to do some window-shopping. En route they stop and pee in turn on the back step of an office building. Almost at their destination they have to go again and they both pee on the balcony and steps of a builder's office. Not content with one long pee, Amber needs again and does a huge pee at the foot of the staircase.  


Scene Nine
  This scene finds the girls in an ornate rose garden. They both need to pee and so dive into some bushes and take turns of peeing and standing lookout for the other.  


Scene Ten
  After their visit to the rose garden the girls make their way to the station to wait for their train home. Both of them are bursting to pee again but the station is crowded. They dive up the busy cycle path that leads to the station and takes turns of finding relief. Libby just manages to finish before someone walks by.  


Scene Eleven
  We find the girls on the same riverside path that Amber had travelled on in a previous case. This time its Libby's who needs to pee first and she shows Amber how to tackle the broken bridge with style. Although nervous of heights Amber determines not to be outdone and delivers a gusher from the broken bridge as well. Libby wins on the daring stakes by perching on and peeing off a rickety fence high above the stream.  


Scene Twelve
  Amber takes Libby to a picnic spot that she had found some time ago and fortified by a few beers, the girls are soon peeing everywhere and anywhere. There are an amazing six full gushing pees in this sequence including a duet by the girls from a high log pile.  


Scene Thirteen
  This scene finds Amber back at 'work' but there is very little work being done as Libby arrives and the girls spend the afternoon drinking and talking. Soon Amber needs to go and, as the toilet is locked, she pees a lake on the garage floor. Soon Libby needs to go as well and she floods the concrete as well. She has hardly sat down when she has to go again and pees another huge puddle on the concrete.  


Scene Fourteen
  The girls got a lift to the shopping mall but as they arrive at the back entrance they both decide to have a pee. Libby squats by the rear door of the car and has a lovely long pee. Amber walks down and squats by a pile of tarmac. She is almost spotted by a passing van however and has to get hr panties up before she can pee. She decides that there is better cover behind the car and squats there and delivers her usual huge pee.  


Scene Fifteen
  The girls are taking a shortcut to the station and after crossing the line at the level crossing Libby perches her self on the gate and pees. As she finishes the warnings sound and a train hurtles past. Not into climbing Amber makes do with a squat on the path leaving a fantastic stream of pee running down the path forever.  


Scene Sixteen
  This scene finds the girls a bit further along the path and needing to pee again. He slightly more athletic Libby quickly scrambles over a fence and takes cover at the entrance to stable and pees down the entrance ramp. Following her friend's example, Amber clambers over as well and pees a huge muddy puddle in the entrance of the next-door stall.  


Scene Seventeen
  We catch Libby having a sneaky pee in a builders yard behind a skip, Amber using a deserted car park and Libby trying to stay out of site in a park by climbing up some banking, She manages to have her but then slides down the bank with her panties at half-mast.  


Scene Eighteen
  The girls are in a busy Royal park and have to go. They take turns of peeing in the long grass.  


Scene Nineteen
  This scene finds the girls looking and feeling the worse for wear after a night on the town. They feel distinctly sorry for themselves as they wander round an old shale heap. They do manage to each have a pee however.  


Scene Twenty
  This scene finds the girls considerably recovered from their hangovers and having changed clothes they take a walk round a small nature reserve. Amber makes up for the little pee that she had before and does an enormous pee on the grass. Libby stops as she crosses the stile and does a long pee all over the stile.  


Scene Twenty-One
  This scene finds the girls back at work but as usual just larking around. They firstly pee side-by-side into the drain and then, after a couple of cans of beer; Amber does a truly enormous pee on the floor. Libby then makes a brave effort to better Amber's puddle.  


Scene Twenty-Two
  Out and about again, Libby takes a nice long pee in an old drain behind a garage.  


Scene Twenty-Three
  This scene finds the girls heading for a new shopping and leisure development by the old fishing harbour. Libby stops first and has a pee whilst Amber hold out till nearly at the development. The huge pee she produces was worth waiting for.  


Scene Twenty-Four
  The girls are back to being silly again at Amber's workplace. Amber takes of her panties and tries to pee a nice straight stream into the drain. She does a great pee but it does splash around the floor quite a bit. Libby is going to a fancy dress party that evening and is trying on outfits. Wearing a really tight PVC dress she needs to pee but the dress is too tight to squat in. No problem she just opens her legs and pees straight down. She is doing really well until a fit of laughing makes her give her legs a good spray of pee. The beer that Amber has been drinking has started to kick in and she needs to pee again. Still minus her panties she half stands in the corner and produces yet another huge pee. As well as her panties, she had forgotten to put her shoes back on and ended up paddling in a huge puddle of piss. Libby now tries on her second outfit, a ridiculously short nurse's uniform. Needing to pee again and feeling extra silly as it is Amber's last day at this job she raises her skirt (not by very much as there was not much to raise) and pees all over an office chair.  


Scene Twenty-Five
  Libby is making her way home on her own, as she has to get ready for her party. Arriving at the station she is bursting for a pee and uses a corner of the waiting room.  


Scene Twenty-Six
  Its Amber's turn to head for home now and she cuts across the park to meet a friend who is going to give her a lift. Feeling an urgent pee stop coming on she heads for the public toilets. On finding them locked up she simply pees on the doorstep. Having met her friend and started on the journey home Amber needs to go again. They stop on a quiet stretch of road and after very carefully checking that the coast is clear Amber starts to enjoy some relief by the side of the road. Blissfully happy at being able to pee at last Amber omits to notice a car until it drives past and the driver gets an eyeful. Amber's reaction is entirely unscripted!  


Running Time: One Hour 50 Minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $35.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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