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Patches Revisited 1 - Scenes from Patches 23 and 24
This video contains scenes which were originally part of Patches 23 and 24.  The original Patches 23 and 24 videos are no longer available.  Included are scenes by Ashley, Cassidy, Desiré, Melissa, and Taunette.  Melissa’s face was always blurred on other video description pages to protect her identity but enough time has passed since this video was made that she no longer looks the same so we have not blurred her image.

NOTE: This video was not originally released on DVD because the master was misplaced and only discovered when all the assets of Patches Place were sold to Piss Media.  The scene descriptions below are the ones originally written by Patches.  The pictures for each scene are newly captured from the original master.  You can click on any picture to see a larger version.  This video description page has been completely reformatted to reflect the website changes that have been made since the VHS tape was offered.  It is being released on DVD in June 2013 and runs 60 minutes.


Scene One
In the first scene, Ashley climbs a stepladder to change a lightbulb.  Her position gives a nice upskirt view of her red panties under her black miniskirt.  She removes the glass light cover and finds it is filthy.  After changing the bulb (while getting very desperate to pee), she decides to clean up the light cover.  She starts by peeing through her panties into it.  She places it under her crotch like a bowl and pees into it with moans of relief and enjoyment.  This is followed by a wet butt shot as she gets down off the ladder and exits.


Scene Two
In scene 2, Taunette is grooming her rabbit.  She has to go but doesn’t think the rabbit will stay around for her, so she stands there and starts wetting her tight denim shorts.  While wetting, she checks out the damage in her crotch, then turns around and lets the pee stream down her legs.


Scene Three
Melissa is out back fixing the fence in scene 3 and getting desperate.  After a few desperation moves, she figures no one will get home in a while, so she drops her hammer and totally floods her tight jeans.


Scene Four
In scene 4, Taunette dances erotically interacting with a dildo placed on the coffee table.  After removing her skirt, she straddles the dildo and pees on it through her purple panties.  She sits in her puddle and then gets up to show her wet butt.


Scene Five
Melissa and Desiré are sitting around on the couch talking about peeing in scene 5.  Desiré has to go and Melissa tells her to show what she does with a guy.  She stands, pulls up her skirt and rubs her crotch in anticipation wetting her green panties.  She then lets loose a torrent into her panties.  When she’s done, she turns around to show the big wet spot on her butt.  Melissa gets up and similarly wets her dark gray panties.


Scene Six
Cassidy and Desiré are sitting together having a talk about naughty places to pee in scene 6.  Cassidy is wearing overall shorts and tells Desiré how convenient it is not to have to remove them when she has to pee but to just let go wherever she is.  Well, they happen to be sitting on a sectional couch with a plush carpet under them and Cassidy has to pee.  She lets her pee soak through the crotch of her overalls, onto the couch, and then onto the carpet.  Desiré is facinated to watch and even touches Cassidy’s pee as it is running out of her overalls.  Cassidy enjoys her attention!


Scene Seven
Taunette is working out in the living room in scene 7 wearing purple spandex shorts.  She does a series of leg-lifts, with her butt to the camera.  She turns around, facing the camera and does some pelvic thrusts, then gets up on her knees and does another thrusting exercise.  This one makes her think of what she likes to do in this position.  She soon has pee streaming out of her crotch on down her legs.


Scene Eight
In scene 8, Ashley enters the bathroom wearing cutoff jeans.  She checks herself out in the mirror then gets up on the counter and sits over the sink, preparing to wet her pants into it.  A dark glistening patch forms in her crotch and spreads out to soak her shorts.  She hops down, checks out the damage in the mirror and then washes her hands and leaves.


Scene Nine
Scene 9 opens with a quick collage of Cassidy and Desiré hanging out in the New York City night street life, then entering their hotel.  These scenes were shot at the time Cassidy and Desiré appeared on the Howard Stern Show in November 1998.  Next, Cassidy is seen in the hallway of the hotel and she’s bursting and doing a pee dance.  She can’t make it to the room, so she stands there and floods her blue pants.  While she’s recovering, the elevator opens so she hurriedly runs off.


Scene Ten
In scene 10, Desiré is standing in the hotel room by a sink.  She has to go, so she stops to enjoy the sensation briefly and then begins soaking her jeans.  After finishing, she pulls her jeans partway down and continues rubbing her pussy.


Scene Eleven
Cassidy and Desiré have just come back from the Howard Stern show in scene 11 and are lounging around on the hotel bed in bathrobes, talking about the interview and lauging at how intimidated Howard seemed to be by them.  They talk about what to do with the rest of their time in New York, and where would be good places to pee.  Desiré needs to pee, so she stands, undoes her bathrobe, and tries to wet her blue panties.  While she is working up to it, Cassidy stands and quickly floods her blue panties.  Desiré reaches in and feels her wet crotch, then Cassidy turns around and Desiré gives her a playful spank.  Cassidy decides to one-up her: she lays back on the bed, spreads her legs and gives her pussy a firm slap saying she likes the tingle.  Desiré keeps rubbing her pussy through her panties and then lets go with a flood.  She tries the pussy-slap too and likes it.  Then Cassidy grabs a vibrator, lays back and masturbates, releasing another flood all over the bed as she climaxes and then finishs with another slap.

If you would like to see what the girls did on the Howard Stern Show, you can download this 25 minute clip from their interview on the program.


Scene Twelve
In scene 12, Jennifer is lounging around talking to the viewer about more of her favorite things to do.  This time it is candles.  She lights a bunch of candles and plays with them while talking about sex and slowly stripping.  She takes a candle and holds it near various body parts as she tells you she likes a little bit of pain during passionate sex.  She ends up in just her white panties, still playing with the candle.  She finally blows out the candle and demonstrates how she likes to pee on a guy during sex, kneeling like she’s straddling a guy and peeing a stream through her panties.


Scene Thirteen
Cassidy is sitting on the monkey bars of a swing set at the beginning of scene 13.  She decides to try peeing her panties while hanging upside-down from the bars.  She gets into position and after a short pause, dark stripes start seeping down (up?) her light-blue panties.  The camera pans down to her face and we see a tiny stream of pee casade over her dress and onto her shirt.  She ends up with the whole front of her panties soaked.


Scene Fourteen
Scene 14 starts with the camera looking in through the blinds at Desiré on her bed masturbating through her blue panties (sort of voyeuristic feel).  The camera moves into the room and watches.  She plays for a long while, and it is soon clear that she is trying to wet herself.  She finally goes making quite a puddle on the bed.  She suddenly realises the mess and hurries off to clean up before anyone arrives.


Scene Fifteen
Cassidy is wearing tight jeans in scene 15 and cleaning up her exercise bicycle in her back yard.  She starts cleaning it but gets on it and pedals it for a moment.  She decides she needs more water to help clean it off so she lifts herself off the seat and pees her pants on the seat.


Scene Sixteen
Melissa is wearing jeans and standing on the edge of her tub in the bathroom in scene 16.  She is about to pull her jeans down and use the toilet when she realizes it would be much more fun to simply wet them.  She balances herself by holding onto the curtain rod and totally soaks her pants.  When both legs of her jeans are wet, she steps down and starts cleaning up.  She pulls off her jeans to reveal the wet patch on her light green panties.


Running Time: 60 minutes
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