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Patches 9
Patches 9 stars Cassidy, Jennifer and Jessica.  This video has more sex talk than our other videos and the girls are always discussing guys, turn-ons, sex, and why they like to wet their pants.  This video is called "That Warm Feeling Makes Me Hot!"


Scene One
Scene 1 immediately starts with action.  Jennifer and Cassidy are in a parking lot and Jennifer can't hold it anymore.  The cameraman was just in time to show you how she soaks her grey tights because she was really bursting.  Cassidy then pees in her jean shorts.


Scene Two
As scene 2 continues, Jennifer and Cassidy are sitting among the driftwood near a river.  Jennifer remembers this place because she once peed over there in the bushes.  This time you see her and Cassidy pee in their long dresses by pulling the dress material between their legs so the wetness soaks through and cascades down their legs.


Scene Three
In scene 3 the girls are still outdoors near a lake where Jennifer is sitting on a tree-trunk.  It's a bit high and she is afraid of heights.  Jennifer is wearing her extra-short and very tight cutoffs and asks Cassidy to help her down.  When Cassidy hears Jennifer has to pee badly she won't help her because she is afraid Jennifer will pee on her.  But in the end, Jennifer is not left "high and dry."


Scene Four
As scene 4 opens, Jennifer, Cassidy and Jessica are sitting on a bed talking and laughing.  They are only wearing T-shirts and panties.  (Plus Cassidy is also wearing her white socks.)  After a pillow-fight Cassidy asks them all to stand up on the bed and wet their panties.  Not only the bed and panties get soaked but also Cassidy's socks and the floor get wet.  This time they can't blame their dog for everything as they turn their bed into a "water" bed.


Scene Five
In scene 5, the girls are sitting on bed again.  Jennifer is wearing tight denim jeans this time and tells the other ones how horny she gets when she feels the wet fabric of her jeans.  She even says she can get an orgasm while peeing her jeans.  Cassidy is the first one to wet her pink panties, followed by Jessica who pees her jeans shorts.  Then it's time for Jennifer to show how to get an orgasm while soaking her jeans.  Jennifer's attempt at an orgasm is obviously faked but it is fun to watch her try.


Scene Six
In scene 6, the three girls are standing in front of a large mirror putting on their make-up in preparation for going out to a bar.  Jennifer and Cassidy are wearing dresses and Jessica has a short black skirt.  When they have to pee, they briefly think of using the bathroom but why bother?  They aren't wearing any panties so they just stand there in front of the mirror and take turns peeing on the unprotected carpet.  Jennifer pees an incredible strong stream that almost hits her dress.


Scene Seven
Next, all three girls are sitting on the floor talking about their favorite sex positions.  Cassidy wonders if they can pee while being in that position.  So one after another tries to see if it is possible.  Jennifer pees her shorts while leaning forward and gets wet all the way up to her bellybutton.  She is laughing so hard while doing this, it looks like the stream never stops.  She pees for more than a minute!  Cassidy pees her purple panties while doing the splits.  (Yes, she really can do the splits!)  Jessica is the last one to pee her denim jean cutoffs in the kneeling position.  The peeing in this scene almost looks like Niagara Falls.


Scene Eight
Scene 8 shows Cassidy and Jennifer soaking in a Jacuzzi.  When they have to pee it would have been easy to do it in the water but then you wouldn't have seen anything so they get out of the water and use the drain next to the Jacuzzi.  Jennifer pees her pink bikini.  Then Cassidy had to wait a moment because someone was watching.  Soon you see her soaking her light green bikini bottoms.


Scene Nine
The next morning, Jennifer and Cassidy, both wearing jean shorts, are discussing their wetting experiences.  Jennifer tells about the time she surprised a security guard by telling him she loves peeing herself.  This guard immediately wanted to be her cowboy, her waterboy or whatever.  Jennifer and Cassidy decide enjoy their wet pleasures while they sit there enjoying their conversation.  Jennifer adds a few moans of pleasure as the pee rushes through her tight pants.  Cassidy also gives an exceptional performance as her pee flows through her pants, across her seat and onto the floor.


Scene Ten
Jennifer is in the bathtub shaving her legs in scene 10 and she feels the urge to pee.  So why bother using the toilet when you are already sitting on the side of the bathtub and in a hurry?  She simply pees through her pink panties into the water.  It is a short scene but you will like it.



Scene Eleven
In scene 11, Cassidy and Jennifer are playing cards.  Normally it is called "Go Fish" but they have renamed it "Go Pee!"  They end up pulling their jeans halfway down and then pee through their panties into their jeans.  Then they pull their jeans back up which gives a completely different pattern of pee stains on their jeans.  Jennifer's open shirt with just her bra showing gives a nice effect as she faces the camera.


Scene Twelve
Cassidy and Jennifer are cleaning the floor of the laundry room in scene 12.  Cassidy wets her light blue tights while bending forward.  The floor could use some liquid anyway.  Jennifer first has some trouble peeing her jeans because they are very tight but opening the button at the waist solves the problem.  She totally soaks them while Cassidy watches her from her perch atop the washing machine.

Finally, we have a preview of Patches 10, the video in which Melissa is introduced.  There are portions of two scenes: the very daring parking lot scene and the wooden bridge scene.


This video is not available on DVD or VHS tape and is only available for download.

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