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Patches 5
This video differs slightly from the previous Patches videos:
There are 3 girls in this video
There is absolutely no nudity -- not even bare breasts
There is better acting and even more humor than our earlier videos.

Patches 5 includes Elizabeth, Crystal, and Cassidy in a variety of "home scenes" where the girls are dressed in their "grubbies."  Most of the scenes only include Elizabeth and Crystal.  Crystal is a talker as well as a wetter and when you put her together with Elizabeth, you get some outrageous comedy that will leave you laughing and cumming at the same time!


Scene One
The video begins with Crystal desperate to pee but someone must have "passed out on the John" and she can only get to the area with the bathroom sink which is separate from the toilet.  She is just about to pee in a waste basket when Elizabeth walks in on her.


Scene Two
Elizabeth decides to teach Crystal the famous bathroom mirror trick that she taught to Sunny in Patches 3.  Elizabeth climbs up on the counter top facing a mirror and squats to pee in the sink through her panties.  A lot of pee misses the sink and runs off Elizabeth's legs onto the floor and Crystal squeals as some pee hits her!  Then Crystal tries the same thing with Elizabeth's encouragement and she pees in the sink too.


Scene Three

In the next scene, the girls are playing a card game called UNO.  They are sitting on pillows on the floor in just their panties and a top.  They both have to pee very badly but both of them brag that they can hold their water longer than the other one.  As they play, they both wet their panties as they are bragging they can last longer without stopping to game to go to the bathroom.  There are nice closeups as each girl begings to pee and they both flood the pillows and floor.


Scene Four
Next, it is time to do the laundry.  While sorting the clothes into separate piles, Elizabeth turns on the water to fill the washing machine.  This causes Crystal to suddenly remember she has to pee.  Since the toilet is out of order and she can't wait until they go shopping to use a store bathroom, Elizabeth tells her to just go on the clothing piled up for the laundry.  She is desperate so she strikes a pose over one pile of clothing and pees through her red tights.  Elizabeth has to go too and pees through her grey sweatshorts onto the clothes that are about to be washed.  They both take off the bottoms, dry themselves with some dry clothing and then throw everything into the washing machine -- so much for sorting the clothes into piles for separate wash loads.  There is more humor in the scene too but you will have to watch for it.


Scene Five
Later we find the girls in a panic over a mouse in the house.  Talk about acting -- they should win an oscar for this performance.  They end up trapped on a coffee table while waiting for an exterminator to arrive.  Of course they have to pee.  Crystal finally loses control and begins to flood her panties as she lifts her dress and squats down.  Soon Elizabeth reaches her point of desperation too and adds to the flood on the coffee table.


Scene Six
In the final scene, Crystal and Cassidy have been tied up in bed by a robber.  They are both dressed in their old blue jeans and laying side by side as they discuss their predicament.  There is a lot of humor here as they try to call their dog "Peaches" to come and help them but the dog gets into the garbage and then "passes gas."  They talk about their growing urge to pee and start teasing each other.  Crystal wets the bed first and then tries to get Cassidy laughing by using her untied foot to push on her bladder.  Soon Cassidy is laughing and peeing uncontrolably and she can't stop either one!


Preview Scene
We added a preview scene from Patches 6 at the end.  Actually, we thought the scene was so good that it ought to be in both Patches 5 and 6 to make sure everyone sees it.  It runs 2 minutes and is completely outrageous.  Cassidy does a dance with a potted tree.  She pampers it, talks to it, dusts it and of course "waters" it which she credits for bringing the tree back to health.  Besides dancing around in her panties which become wet, she has a sexy top which is off one shoulder and just covers her breast.  The whole scene is hysterical when you realize it is an artificial tree!

While there is no nudity nor sexual contact in this video, there are lots of wet panties, leotards, long underwear, and blue jeans.  You will laugh so hard at the antics of these girls that you will wet your pants!  You will only get to see their faces in the video because our agreement with the models prevents us from displaying their faces on our Web site.


This video is not available on DVD or VHS tape and is only available for download.

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