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Patches 49 - Wet Panty Fun
We call Patches 49 "Wet Panty Fun" and it features Desiree, Genesis, Gia, Vanessa, Vicktoria, and Willow.  Desiree appeared in Patches 38, 39, and 40 and is back to show her talent for peeing with her feet tucked behind her head.  Gia is a new model who had a lot of trouble peeing in front of the camera so she played a supportive role to Willow in her first scene in a Patches video.


Scene One
The video begins with Vanessa and Vicktoria sitting on a front porch in a wicker seat.  They are both wearing sun dresses and panties as they satisfy their thirst and tell stories about wetting themselves.  The stories soon turn to action as they wet their panties for each other.  The focus is on the sexual turn on they experience as they wet themselves in front of others.  They will have you turned on as well as they demonstrate how much fun it can be to intentionally wet their panties for their personal pleasure.


Scene Two
The second scene has Genesis and Vicktoria trying to cross a creek using a narrow concrete wall to take a shortcut home.  You get to see some great up skirt action as they make their way down the embankment to get to the ledge they want to use to cross the creek.  They are wearing short skirts, sexy tops, and panties.  As they start to cross the creek, Vicktoria spots a spider.  She panics!  She has a very bad case of arachnophobia which is real and not some act for the camera.  If you have even seen a girl jump on a chair to get away from a mouse, you can picture how Vicktoria acts in response to spiders.  Vicktoria's frantic movements made it very hard to capture this scene and forced the cameraman to get into the water to get the right angle so you could enjoy the action.  It was worth it to see both Genesis and Vicktoria wet their panties from an up skirt angle.


Scene Three
The next scene features Desiree out walking on a path in the woods.  She finds a wooden bench seat along the path and sits down for a moment to rest.  She is wearing a very short skirt, panties, and a halter top.  She realizes she has to pee and decides to make this stop a pause that refreshes!  She enjoys wetting her panties and playing with her clit while she pees.  She is thin and double jointed enough that she can put her feet behind her head while she begins to massage her clit.  This increases the pressure on her bladder and intensifies the pleasure of releasing her pee as it runs into her panties and around her pelvic region.  The moaning is real and spontaneous.  When she finishes pleasuring herself, she gets up and resumes her walk through the woods.


Scene Four
In the fourth scene, Vicktoria and Vanessa are up on the roof of Vanessa's house.  Not only are they drinking more beer but Vicktoria intentionally pushed over the ladder after they got on the roof so they can't get down.  As they sit on the roof fully intending to have some more wet fun, a car goes by the house and stops.  Apparently the driver liked what he saw and wanted a better look.  The girls oblige and put on a show by repeatedly wetting their panties while sitting and standing.  These girls show no modesty when it comes to indulging in their favorite wet fun.


Scene Five
Willow is out for an afternoon of wet fun by a canal in the next scene.  She was supposed to meet up with Gia but she never arrived so Willow decides to have some fun wetting herself in public without her.  Willow is wearing a short skirt which buttons up the front along with her panties and a sexy top.  She stands right under a "No Loitering" sign with her skirt partially unbuttoned and her hands clasped behind her head.  From a low up skirt angle, you get to see her wetting her panties right there in public.  As she finishes, people walk by with some puzzled looks on their faces.


Scene Six
Vanessa and Vicktoria provide a very sexy encounter in the sixth scene.  It begins with Vanessa sitting on her back porch waiting for Vicktoria.  When she can't wait any longer, she begins to pee her panties while rubbing them lightly.  It makes her intensely horny as you soon see when Vicktoria arrives.  Vicktoria is wearing a wrap around skirt and halter top but no panties.  She sits down behind Vanessa on a bench and hugs and kisses her.  Soon Vanessa has her arm around Vicktoria and starts to play with her boob.  They talk about doing sexual things together and Vanessa gets so aroused that she is soon trying to remove Vicktoria's skirt.  Vicktoria is flirtatious and starts to give Vanessa a lap dance but then pees.  After she gets up, Vanessa keeps grabbing for her but Vicktoria teases her by peeing a little more every little bit while flashing her with her raised skirt.  Vanessa pees her panties some more while standing so you see the pee falling under her lowered skirt and then raises her skirt and pulls her panties aside briefly while peeing some more.  By the end of the scene, there are puddles all over the porch!


Scene Seven
Scene seven begins with Gia and Willow making out on a park bench.  They are hugging and kissing.  When Willow gets turned on, she likes to pee.  Since there were no restrooms in the park, Willow lifts her skirt and starts peeing in her panties in front of Gia.  Gia is surprised and Willow tells her how much she enjoys it.  Gia considers doing the same but she is unable to pee her panties in public.  The scene ends with the two walking off together past a water fountain.


Scene Eight
In the following scene, Genesis and Vicktoria walk out from touring a museum and sit on the steps.  They are both wearing dresses that button up the front.  They are both in a playful mood and soon Vicktoria begins unbuttoning Genesis' dress.  Genesis ends up sitting on the steps with her bra, panties, and tube top.  She has to pee and Vicktoria wants to watch.  She begins peeing and shoots her stream right through her panty material.  Genesis is now horny and frisky.  As she sits there in her wet panties, she starts unbuttoning Vicktoria's dress.  While she is doing it, Vicktoria pulls down her tube top to expose her bra.  Vicktoria is soon wearing nothing but her bra and panties plus her shoes and socks.  Vicktoria has to pee to and Genesis starts pushing on her bladder.  There is a lot of sexual playfulness and Vicktoria sits on the steps and wets her panties so Genesis can watch.  The scene ends with Genesis taking off her bra so she is just left in her wet panties.  This scene was very daring because it was shot in a fairly public location.  People were going by frequently just before the scene was shot but luckily no one came by while the girls were peeing or getting naked.


Scene Nine
The final scene features Vicktoria and Vanessa enjoying more fun wetting their panties for each other.  Vicktoria leaves the house to sit on a deck chair.  She calls to Vanessa through an open window to join her.  When Vanessa doesn't immediately leave the house to join her, Vicktoria asks if she can hear her.  Vicktoria is just wearing her panties and a bra with a cut off top.  She pees her panties loudly and makes a flood.  Then she takes off her top and bra so she is sitting there in just her wet panties.  Vanessa soon joins her because she knows she is missing the wet fun.  Vicktoria wants Vanessa to stay wet for the day and to wet her panties for her again.  Vanessa claims she doesn't need to pee yet but in a few moments, she stands and wets her panties in a long steady flow that makes you wonder how much more she could pee if she really had to go since she continues peeing her panties for a long time.  These two floods end the first Patches video that contains all panty wetting scenes.


Running Time: 60 minutes
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