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Patches 48 - Golden Wet Montage


Scene One
Scene one begins with Genesis and Willow walking in to a crowded store.  While they are shopping Genesis needs to pee.  Both girls pee in their pants in very plain view of many passers by.  This is a very good public indoor scene.


Scene Two
Genesis is sitting around waiting on her friend to get out of the shower.  She starts to clean up the apartment while she waits.  She needs to get in the bathroom and her friend won't come out.  She decided that since she already cleaned up, she should also water the plants.  While the plants don't actually get much, she gives us a great view of glistening wet blue jeans.


Scene Three
Scene three starts Willow, Vanessa, Vicktoria.  They are sitting around having some drinks and decide to play Spin the Bottle.  Willow is the lucky first.  She shows us a good panty shot, and her panties become very dark.  All the girls end up peeing and they make some rather large puddles in the process!


Scene Four
Genesis, Willow and Vicktoria are out playing in the playground.  The girls find great poses and positions to pee in.  This scene is outdoors and has a nice public feel to it.  It is certainly a fun workout to watch.


Scene Five
Scene five starts Vicktoria, Genesis and Vanessa. Vicktoria wearing very tight blue jeans takes a walk through the snow enjoying the warmth of her pee warming her up.  Vanessa follows her and also pees in her jeans.  Later Genesis comes along looking for the other girls.  She doesn't find the girls, but she does find a pee trail.  She follows the trail and finds the girls.  Genesis ends up giving us a great pee show when she pees in her white jeans.


Scene Six
Scene Six begins with Vicktoria, Willow, and Vanessa outside at a park.  It's apparently kind of cold out, and the girls are wearing very little.  Vanessa goes first wetting a cat-tail plant.  The other girls take a while to get started, but the all pee several more times.  This is a good outdoor panty wetting scene.


Scene Seven
Genesis is sitting meditating to some new age relaxation music.  As she meditates she gets turned on.  She begins with pouring some hot wax from the candles on her breasts and body.  Then she begins to rub herself through her shear shorts.  Soon after she wets her shorts with pee.


Scene Eight
Geneis and Vicktoria find a guy on the couch.  They converse with each other behind his back, then they offer to give him a back massage.  Then they soon realize he's pretty much out of it.  Being the cruel girls they are, they decide to take advantage of the situation.  The poor guy wakes up later and wonders why he's wet.


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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