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Patches 42
This video features Daisy, Devan, Vicktoria, and Willow!  We call this video, "Wet Fun in the Fall!"

The video opens with Devan, and Willow each sitting on a pumpkin.  They are at a farm looking for the perfect pumpkin to make a jack-o-lantern.  You can see the hay wagon in the background.  Naturally, the brisk fall air brings on an urge to pee.  The roundness of the pumpkins and the stems touching their crotches puts additional pressure on them.  Soon they are both sitting side by side riding their pumpkins and flooding their pants with big smiles on their faces as they enjoy the pleasure.  They comment on how carving out the pumpkins, putting candles in them, and squatting over the lit candles would give new meaning to the term "hot pussy!"  After wetting themselves and the pumpkins, they decide they better select dry pumpkins to take home with them for Halloween.

Next we find Willow playing in a big pile of leaves.  She is wearing a skirt, panties, and light jacket.  Crawling around in the leaves reminds her of when she was a little girl.  She used to love to go out and play in the leaves in the fall and wet her panties while she played -- and she still does!  She gets very playful as she shoots little spurts of pee through her panties and offers nice views from the front and the back.  Finally, she gets up and skips away as she sees someone approaching.

Jethro, who first appeared in Patches 40 when he walked in on a scene in progress, is back in this third scene.  The girls enjoyed working with him so much in Patches 40 that they asked him to join them in a future video.  In this scene, Jethro joins them on a lunch break.  They are standing on the steps outside the company where they work.  The girls are having a liquid lunch and they begin discussing the picture of Al Gore which appeared on an October 2000 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.  They wonder why Gore's "package" had to be airbrushed to enhance his sex appeal and how he would really measure up!  Jethro offers to show them his package so they can see how it compares with Al Gore.  After examining Jethro's package, Willow announces, "Al Gore has nothing on you, baby!"  Jethro announces he has to pee and proposes a little contest to see whose pee is the warmest.  He sits on the steps and puts his hands under each girl's panties so they can pee on his hands.  Before declaring a winner, he stands up with his pants pulled down below his knees and lets Willow and Devan feel the warmth of his pee as it streams from his boxer shorts.  After all this pee play, they decide to continue their conversation over lunch at a restaurant before their lunch break is over.

The fourth scene begins with Daisy standing on top of a concrete pillar at the entrance to a park.  She is out for the afternoon with her radio and looking for a little exhibitionist fun.  She stands there as people and cars go by preparing to wet her pants.  Then she decides she is attracting a little too much attention and gets down next to the pillar instead.  She enjoys her moment of wet fun as she squats next to the pillar and wets her jeans.

In scene 5, Devan and Willow are enjoying a champagne picnic at a park.  They decide to get a little playful with each other as the alcohol has its effect on them.  Before they can start making out with each other, some older kids ride up on bikes and won't go away.  When they finally leave, Willow and Devan and talking about how bad they have to pee.  Just then, a squirrel throws an acorn down from the tree above them and almost hits them.  They both start laughing uncontrollably.  Devan finally says, "I almost wet my pants!"  To which Willow replies, "I just did!" and continues her laughter.  Soon they start hugging and kissing each other and decide to pee on each other as an expression of their affection.  Just after the golden showers, the pesky kids on bikes come back and Willow and Devan decide it is time to go somewhere else to continue their private moments together.

Did you ever play "Post Office?"  Well, in scene 6 Devan, Vicktoria, and Willow are in the Post Office.  As Willow checks for mail, Vicktoria starts to wet her jean shorts.  The other girls decide they need to go too but before they can decide what to do, Vicktoria continues wetting her shorts.  That's all the inspiration Devan and Willow need and they soon join her in this spontaneous wetting at the Post Office by peeing in their jeans.  The scene ends with the girls walking out together as you see other postal patrons entering the Post Office.



Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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