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Patches 39
This video features Daisy, Desiree, Devan, Mercedes, and Willow who first appeared in Patches 38!  We also introduce Vicktoria who is a lively, sexy, shapely blond who enjoys watersports and is a natural entertainer.

We call this video "Frisky, Daring, Naughty, and Wet!"  You will see lots of lively wet action as the girls do some very daring and naughty things in public!  You will also see some sexy scenes in just panties and nothing more!

The video begins with Willow running on the green at a golf course.  She is wearing a tight top, micro-skirt, and panties and she is very desperate!  She is a long way from the clubhouse and with no porta-potty in sight, she gets creative.  She pulls the flag from the hole and stands over it.  She begins peeing through her panties but then figures she can aim her stream better by pulling her panties aside.  Her stream goes right in the cup and almost fills it!  When she finishes, she replaces the flag and runs off the green.  Golfers were standing on the tee waiting for her to finish!  It is a good thing they didn't ask to play through!

Vicktoria is introduced in the second scene.  She is sitting on a deck near a lake with Devan and Willow.  She has to pee and sees a little building that might contain a bathroom but after circling it, she realizes it is not a bathroom.  Devan invites her to do what she and Willow often do when they need to pee - just do it in their pants!  Devan demonstrates this for Vicktoria and Willow as they look on and see a large flood running through Devan's pants.



Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $40.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
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This video is also available for download.
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