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We call this video "That Desperate Feeling!"  This video features our newest model, Annika, and also includes Brie, Cassidy, Jennifer and Melissa!  It also has more scenes (25 counting the "Coming Attraction" at the end) than any previous Patches video!

Recently, we have had several gentlemen in their 50's and 60's write us asking for scenes with "real women closer to my age" and not those "cute, petite, anorexic models who look like they just came off a fashion runway."  My initial reaction was "Huh?"  I thought older guys liked young, cute, thin models in our videos so they could fantasize about what it would be like to be young again and have a watersports partner like our models to fulfill their dreams.  Apparently not all men have the same type of mid-life crisis!  I suppose there are guys who like a woman with a mature look and enough life experience to be sexually confident.  We were uncertain about how we could find someone to fulfill this request or even if we should use an older model.

Then a woman in this age group contacted us.  She had found Patches' Place on the Web and wondered if watersports could really be a sexual turn-on.  She began experimenting with wetting her panties in the shower and then graduated to holding it as long as she could before wetting her pants while sitting at the computer late at night.  She discovered it made her intensely horny!  She even masturbated with a full bladder and fantasized about wetting her bed which made her orgasms even more intense!  She told us all about her new sexual enjoyment and how thankful she was to have found Patches' Place.

We mentioned some of our recent requests for older models to her.  To our surprise, she said she would like to do some video scenes for us!  She is not a typical model - she is mature with a slight European accent.  She is a socialite who has traveled in diplomatic circles.  She also runs her own international business.  For reasons of privacy, we will simply call her "Annika."

Annika is physically fit, slim, and exercises regularly.  She has never made a video like this and has never even been connected with the adult entertainment business.  At her request, we have pixelated her face in the pic on the left.  She is a bit of an exhibitionist and is willing to share her new watersports enthusiasm and discoveries with guys who will enjoy watching her.  In fact, she is single and available so perhaps a man in his 50's or 60's who loves watersports and is looking for a woman to share wet sex with him would be interested in making contact with her.  Annika is looking for a committed relationship and not one night stands so don't bother contacting her unless you have serious, long term interests.  Patches' Place can pass any messages from admirers to her after you have watched her in this video.  Annika has the outlook, attitude, attractiveness and appeal of a woman like Helen Gurley Brown (who was founder and long time editor of Cosmopolitan Magazine) but she is definitely much younger than Helen Gurley Brown who was 78 years old in the year 2000.

The video begins with a scene by Annika in a catsuit where she introduces herself and proceeds to demonstrate how she likes to pleasure herself with a vibrator while wetting her clothes.  Wearing a catsuit just adds to her excitement since she desperately needs to pee and the catsuit has no crotch opening.  She gives in to the urge to pee as the vibrator works its magic on her clit and pussy lips through the thin fabric.



Scene Two
In scene 2, Jennifer is very desperate and has stopped along the side of the road to pee.  After she gets out of the car, she can't go because a couple of kids are riding by on bicycles.  She watches them while prancing around desperately until they are out of sight.  Then she just squats down in front of the car and wets her pants while other cars drive past her.  She couldn't wait for them to get out of sight because she had to pee too badly.


Scene Three
Scene 3 is the preview scene from Patches 36 where Cassidy is wandering the halls of a building looking for a bathroom but can't find one.  She enters a stairwell and is so desperate that she just pulls up her skirt and wets her panties right there.  Finally relieved, she goes back to look for her friends.


Scene Four
The fourth scene shows Annika arriving at a friend's house.  No one was home but Annika urgently wanted to use the bathroom.  She decided to just go in the corner of the entranceway and wet her pants for a little naughty fun.


Scene Five
In the fifth scene, Melissa is sitting at a table writing while she waits for her friend to finish taking a shower.  She squirms a lot as that desperate feeling gives her a sense of urgency.  Finally, in an effort to find relief (and to enjoy the moment), she pulls up her skirt, rubs her clit through her panties and begins to pee right there in the chair.  The fabric on the seat of the chair becomes soaked along with her panties and you can hear the pee splashing on the carpet under the chair.  It didn't matter because Melissa had her wet fun!


Scene Six
In scene 6, Annika is sitting in a chair reading Wet Set Magazine.  She is inspired by all the wetting pictures and stories.  She has been sitting there having beverages and preparing for herself for wet fun by making sure her bladder is very, very full.  All of a sudden, she wets her pants and makes a very big puddle under her chair.  She fully enjoys how good it feels!
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Running Time: 60 minutes
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