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Patches 30 - Wet Summer Fun
This video is called "Wet Summer Fun" and features Cassidy, Jennifer, Jessica, and Melissa in a continuation of the reunion follies of Patches 29.  It has some hot sexy scenes as the girls get heated up in the summer sun and their sexy scenes always include watersports, of course!  Also included are some special, outdoor daring public scenes by Melissa!  Melissa’s face was always blurred on other video description pages to protect her identity but enough time has passed since this video was made that she no longer looks the same.

NOTE: This video was not originally released on DVD because the master was misplaced and only discovered when all the assets of Patches Place were sold to Piss Media.  The scene descriptions below are new based on video notes made by Patches.  The pictures for each scene are newly captured from the original master.  You can click on any picture to see a larger version.  This video description page has been completely reformatted to reflect the website changes that have been made since the VHS tape was offered.  It is being released on DVD in April 2013 and runs 60 minutes.


Scene One
Cassidy, Jennifer, and Melissa are sitting around the pool talking.  When the need to pee arises, there is no need to excuse themselves to use the bathroom.  These girls know exactly what to do and they enjoy doing it in front of each other!


Scene Two
Melissa is visiting a botanical garden and the floral fragrances always affect her by making her need to pee!  Fortunately there is no one around when the urge hits her and fortunately she is wearing a skirt so there will not be any evidence that she has peed her panties except for the puddle she leaves behind.


Scene Three
You have heard of “pool boys!”  Well, Jennifer is a “pool girl” and cleaning the pool frequently gives her a sudden urge to pee!  Not only does her pee run down her pant leg, it runs right into the pool too!


Scene Four
Jennifer, Cassidy, and Melissa are discussing their favorite subject of peeing in their pants and the warm, arousing feeling it gives them.  Such a discussion naturally leads to some experimentation concerning the patterns their pee stains leave on their pants and how much pee it takes to get a sexual turn-on.


Scene Five
Melissa is having a rehearsal for a play she is going to put on later.  She is in a park gazebo with people around her.  She really doesn't care when she needs to pee.  She just answers the call of nature by peeing her pants whether anyone is watching or not.


Scene Six
Melissa and Cassidy take turns pleasuring each other while they are sitting out on a patio.  They both know their orgasms are intensified if they pee at the same time as they cum.  These girls really know what it takes stimulate each other and how to enjoy an afternoon!


Scene Seven
Melissa is cleaning the mirrors above a jacuzzi tub when a sudden urge to pee hits her.  Since she is right there in the tub, she takes advantage of the situation to wet her shorts which she knows is going to get her very aroused.  We doubt she got much more cleaning work done that day!


Scene Eight
Jessica and Cassidy are having some girl talk as they sit next to each other in lounge chairs.  When Jessica needs to pee, Cassidy encourages her to just let it go in her pants.  Jessica has done this before but she never got the connection between wetting her pants and becoming sexually excited.  You can tell by the smile on her face that she “gets it” this time because she never had a grin like that in any of her previous scenes!  Cassidy already gets the connection and she isn’t going to let Jessica have all the fun.  She wets her shorts while Jessica watches with a knowing smile on her face.


Scene Nine
Melissa notices some dust on a chandelier above a table.  As she gets up on the table to clean it, she realizes she needs to pee rather badly.  Soon she is totally distracted from cleaning the chandelier and becomes totally focused on the pleasure she can have by wetting herself.  It looks like the table top got washed instead of the chandelier!


Scene Ten
Melissa wants to teach Cassidy and Jennifer some new dance steps.  She is unaware that both Jennifer and Cassidy need to pee but it soon becomes apparent as they start grabbing themselves in an effort to hold on.  Soon they are both flooding their shorts as Melissa looks on in amusement.


Scene Eleven
Melissa is visiting a park next to a lake.  When she spots a water spout a short distance from shore, it provides an instant reminder of how badly she needs to pee.  There is just something wonderfully relaxing and exciting at the same time as the warm pee runs through her shorts and the wind brushes her face and plays with her hair.


Scene Twelve
Jennifer and Cassidy are driving and both become very desperate to pee.  They think they spot some public restrooms but as soon as they exit their van, they realize it is only the back entrance to a building.  The urge to pee is too great and they can't wait any longer.  They just stand there and wet their pants and then check to see that no one is around before they get back into their van.


Scene Thirteen
Melissa is spending some private time by the pool when she realizes she needs to pee rather badly.  For this girl, this presents an opportunity to indulge in her favorite pleasure!  She slowly lets her pee run into her panties and jeans while enjoying the ecstasy and thrill of the moment.


Scene Fourteen
The girls are saying their good-byes to each other before leaving on a trip.  Since the activity they most enjoy sharing together is wetting their pants, they decide to share that experience one more time before they have to leave each other.


Scene Fifteen
Melissa is visiting a winery.  Having enjoyed the tour and sampled several different wines in the tasting room, she discovers the wine has run right through her but she has already left the facilities.  What is a girl to do?  Melissa takes no time at all deciding how she will handle the situation!


Scene Sixteen
There is something about being around water that gives Cassidy a sudden urge to pee.  As she comes out to the pool to check it, that urge hits with great intensity!  She just lets it flow when it is clear there is no point in trying to hold it back.  She floods her shorts and then lowers herself into the pool to rinse off.


Scene Seventeen
Melissa's love for flowers leads her to visit a park when the lilacs are in bloom.  That fragrant smell has a very predictable effect on her.  It makes her need to pee!  She indulges herself by wetting her pants and then continues to check the fragrances of the various varieties of lilacs.  She then lays down next to one of the lilac bushes to reflect on the beauty and wonder of her experiences.


Scene Eighteen
Cassidy and Melissa are talking together on a short walk bridge when Melissa admits how desperately she needs to pee.  She floods her shorts and watches her pee run through the planks of the bridge and into the creek below.  Cassidy is never one to be outdone and can’t let Melissa have all the fun.  She lifts her short skirt and wet her panties while Melissa watches.  Jennifer discovers the girls as she is walking down the trail and is disappointed that she did not need to pee at that moment so she could join in the fun.


Scene Nineteen
Scene nineteen is a classic and you may have seen pictures of Melissa in Wet Set Magazine from this scene.  Melissa manages to have an orgasm just by wetting her panties without touching herself.  She finds her pee running around her clit as it is trapped in her panties to be so arousing that she actually can reach a climax!  This is one girl who doesn’t need a vibrator or a finger to get herself off!


Scene Twenty
Melissa is on a walking trail checking out some tulips.  There is something about flowers that always make this girl horny!  Tulips may not have much fragrance but seeing that little stem inside the blossom reminds her of a penis.  She gets turned on and when this happens, it makes her want to wet herself.  Unfortunately, she is on a very busy trail with lots of people walking by.  She gets interrupted a couple of times as she is wetting herself and has to sit down hoping they won’t notice her wet pants.  When the coast is finally clear, she finishes wetting her shorts and focuses on her enjoyment.


Scene Twenty-One — Preview of Patches 31
The last scene is a preview of Patches 31 and features the very first scene that Brie ever did in a video.  It took her a moment to focus by closing her eyes before she could let her pee flow through her panties and tight pants.  She was surprised by how warm her pee felt as it ran down her legs because she had never done it before.  The whole experience got her laughing as she thought about how she had just broken one of society’s taboos and enjoyed it!  She has a very infectious laughter that makes you want to laugh with her!


Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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