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We call this video "Just Jen" since it features an assortment of wet, sexy scenes starring Jennifer.  You will see her in some very sensual scenes like drinking champagne in front of a fireplace listening to dreamy music as she plays with herself and wets her panties.  This scene includes a silhouette of Jennifer against the light of the fireplace as her stream cascades between her legs and ends with the shimmering puddles of pee on a rug dancing in the light of the fire.

In another sensual scene, she tries on various wearable vibrators her boyfriend has given her.  As she lays on the couch getting horny, she finally wets her panties in a giant flood.

You will also see her in a couple of exercise scenes where she is practicing her "Kegel exercises" but discovers that it only makes her so sexually excited that she wets her Speedo outfits.

Jennifer also enjoys flowers and caring for her flower garden.  She faithfully waters her flowers by peeing on the through her panties and dress in a couple of excellent "up skirt" scenes.  When a woodchuck decides to make a home in her flower bed, she deals with the critter by peeing down his hole through her tight jeans.

In one scene, she is typing at her computer as she discusses scenes that her fans from the IRC would like her to do.  She reads what fans have written and tells what she is typing to them in response.  Most of her fans seem to like her in tight, wet jeans so she obliges by starting to wet her jeans while sitting and then stands to finish the flood.  She even removes her pants so she can examine her wet panties.

Jennifer explores an old abandoned house which is supposed to be haunted.  As she looks around for any evidence of ghosts, she is startled by a sudden noise.  She is so frightened that she immediately wets her shorts.  That must have scared the ghosts away since she never does find any.

With all the wet clothes, everyday is a wash day for Jennifer.  In one scene, Jennifer is running around in her underwear and loading her washer.  When she turns on the washing machine, the sound of the gushing water gives her an instant urge to do the same thing.  In moments, a torrent of pee is rushing from her panties and you get to view all the action from a very low and up close angle.



Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
The video is $40.00 on DVD in NTSC or PAL format.
VHS tapes are no longer available.
This video is also available for download.
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