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All of the scenes in this video were done by Jennifer including the preview scene at the end of the video.  While Jennifer is the star of this video, she is not the only one included in the video.  Several guys who caught Jennifer "in the act" in her public scenes also appear in this video and have granted us permission to use their footage.  This video runs 60 minutes and while Jennifer's face is not shown on our Web pages, you will see everything in the video.

Jennifer was a guest of "Brother Wease" on the Morning Circus Show at WCMF Radio in the spring of 1999.  She was there to wet her panties for the guys and promote her videos and Wet Set Magazine.  She wet her panties during a live radio broadcast in front of over half a dozen guys in the studio and another dozen guys standing in the control room and in front of the glass window to the main offices.  This is the first scene in the video we call "Jennifer Goes Public!"

You will see her repeatedly wetting her pants in various restaurants, in public places where she is discovered by guys passing by, in a TV repair shop where she treats the service man to a Golden Shower, at Niagara Falls in front of crowds of people, and other setting where people are passing by.  If you enjoyed Melissa wetting herself in malls and on Santa's lap in Patches 25, you will love this video.



Running Time: 60 minutes
Available on DVD
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