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Patches 26


Scene One
Many of the scenes in this video feature Elizabeth and Cassidy, two of the earliest models at Patches' Place.  Elizabeth began making videos with us in Patches 2 and Cassidy began with us in Patches 5.  Also featured is Jennifer, who has made videos with us since Patches 7.  This video runs 60 minutes and while the model's faces are not shown on our Web pages, they are shown in the video.

The video is called "Naughty Wet Fun."  Scene 1 begins with Cassidy and Elizabeth sunning themselves on a deck behind a house.  Cassidy surprises Elizabeth by squirting water from a hose on her while she relaxes.  It literally scares the pee right out of her!  Cassidy soon gets into the wet act by wetting her shorts and both girls wash each other down with the hose in an attempt to entertain any neighbors who may be watching them.  This is just the start of a lot of wet fun and interesting dialog.



Scene Two
In the second scene, Elizabeth and Cassidy are involved in installing some insulation in the walls of a house that is under construction.  The girls are rushing to finish up the job but are overtaken with a desperate urge to pee.  Cassidy is half way up the ladder as the pee rushes down her leg from inside her shorts.  Elizabeth has been holding the ladder and decided to add to the puddle on the floor by wetting her shorts too.  There is no time for a potty break if they want to get the work done on time!


Scene Three
The girls are ready to do some painting on the inside of the house they are constructing but Elizabeth discovers that the paint in their drip pan has almost dried out and hardened.  In scene 3, Elizabeth comes up with the "solution" as Cassidy searches for paint thinner in the other room.  Cassidy returns to find Elizabeth has wet her shorts and added her pee to the thick paint.  A little more thinner is needed so Cassidy wets her pants over the paint in the drip pan.


Scene Four
Scene 4 is a bit different from the usual content in our Patches videos.  Elizabeth and Cassidy decide to thwart the plans of some hunters by marking the hunting area with their own scent in an effort to warn the animals away with the smell of their pee... similar to what was done in the movie, Doc Hollywood.  They pull down their pants to pee repeatedly all over the area.  After thoroughly marking the area, they decide to wet their pants at the same time before leaving in their car.


Scene Five
It's time for a picnic!  And in scene 5 you will love the creative way the girls decide to get rid of the "pissants" who could ruin the picnic.  Elizabeth floods her shorts while enjoying the relief and smiles that her naughtiness brings to their faces.


Scene Six
While standing in a parking lot next to their car while people walk by, our girls decide to be naughty again and wet their shorts.  They show how carefree they can be in scene 6 as they look forward to enjoying their wetness on the ride home.


Scene Seven
In scene 7, Elizabeth and Cassidy are strolling along a river bank discussing the bad things one of Cassidy's girlfriends did to a really nice guy they both know.  Cassidy disses her by telling how she couldn't even fill out the bra she took from her and is wearing because her tits are too small.  Since they both need to pee, they even demonstrate how they would pee on her if she was there.  Of course, other people are there and they put on quite a show for the people rowing their boats down the river.


Scene Eight
While crossing a wooden bridge, the girls once again get their urge to pee in scene 8.  This time no one is around so they lift their dresses high as they watch each other tinkle through their panties and onto the planks of the bridge.


Scene Nine
In scene 9, the girls frolic in a park while fishermen are visible in the background.  Elizabeth even rolls on the ground in her dress while Cassidy prances around attracting attention.  These free spirits decide to wet themselves without lifting their dresses just so what they are doing does not become too obvious and attract more attention than they already have gotten.


Scene Ten
In scene 10, a tornado is coming!  The girls are glued to a live TV weather report that shows a tornado funnel taking shape before it touches down.  The girls are in a liberated mood and they notice that the funnel and the clouds next to it strangely resemble a guy's cock and balls.  Since the tornado is reported to be right in their area, they decide to go out on their balcony to see if they can catch a glimpse of the tornado.  In their excitement, they lock themselves out!  Liquids from earlier have worked their way through them and in their panic about the approaching tornado, they desperately need to pee.  When they are not trying to peek through their window to see the weather report on the TV, they take turns lifting their short skirts and wetting their panties.


Scene Eleven
Scene 11 starts with the girls back at the house they are constructing in scenes 2 and 3.  They are all dressed to go out for the evening but they suddenly remembered that they had forgotten to turn out the light when they left work that day.  This gives them an occasion to relieve themselves one more time in their favorite way.  After Cassidy wets her panties, she notices that Elizabeth is wearing a "see through dress" that shows everything.  Elizabeth doesn't think so but Cassidy proves it by holding a work light behind her dress while Elizabeth pees.  Yes, everything does show... which should help her pick up guys at the party she is going to.


Scene Twelve
Jennifer is in an adult video store in scene 12.  While she is looking over the selection of wet, sexy videos, she realizes that she has to pee.  Turning to a store clerk, she asks where the bathroom is.  The clerk directs her to the back but as she walks down the corridor, all she finds is what appears to be a storage room.  Now totally desperate and wearing a unitard under her dress, she realizes that she has no choice except to stand there and piss herself.  She makes a flood as the pee rushes through her unitard in a steady stream and also wets the inside of the legs.


Scene Thirteen

In scene 13, Jennifer is at a bar.  She has to pee and decides to be naughty by just sitting there and wetting her panties.  The scene is captured by the camcorder being lowered from her face to below the table where she is sitting.  A flashlight illuminates all the action as the pee cascades through her panties, across the seat and onto the floor.  But Jennifer is feeling especially naughty and horny because some guys have been watching her from across the room.  She pulls off her wet panties and puts on a dry pair she had with her for emergencies such as this.  Of course you get to watch all this action under the table.  After a few more drinks, she is ready to pee again and another flood is captured on tape for you to watch her wet, naughty fun all over again in her dry panties.

The video ends with a preview from Patches 27 which we call "Jennifer Goes Public."  She is in the studio on a live radio program and wets her panties in front of over 20 guys and the host describes the action to all the listeners in his radio audience.



Running Time: 60 minutes
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