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Patches 25
Most scenes in Patches 25 feature Melissa.  Also included in some scenes are Desiré and Jennifer.  The video runs 60 minutes and while none of the models' faces are shown on this Web page, their faces can be seen in the video.  We call this video "I'm Dreaming of a Wet Christmas!"

Opening Scenes

The first four scenes are all public peeing scenes performed by Melissa.  In December 1998, she visited several shopping malls to do her Christmas shopping.  She also wanted to shoot some video scenes at the malls.  After shopping at stores until she needed to pee, she decided it would be fun to ride the carousel and pee in her jeans while on a wooden horse.  People were everywhere.  There was even a kid on the horse in front of her and another kid riding two horses behind her.  Melissa began the ride sitting side-saddle and within moments after the carousel began to turn, she began to wet her pants.  You can see her pee running down her jeans and soaking them completely.  You can even see the pee running down the side of the wooden horse.

Then she swung one leg over the horse so she was facing backwards.  She began to "ride" the horse like she was "riding" a guy while having sex.  She smiled at people and you had to wonder just what feeling was putting that smile on her face.  Before the ride ended, she swung her leg around again and sat side-saddle.  She had a silly grin on her face like a Cheshire cat!  As soon as the carousel stopped, she got down from the wooden horse and wrapped her long coat around herself and left the ride.



Santa's Lap Scene

In another mall, she enjoyed another day of shopping and sipping her favorite drink, hot tea.  Soon she had to pee and decided to do something even more daring than the carousel ride.  Wearing her jeans and a tight knit top, she found a seat on tiled edge of a live plant display.  She pushed herself backwards until her fanny was over the soil.  As people passed back and forth in front of her only three or four feet away, she began wetting her pants.  If people were really close, she would close her legs together.  When they passed her, she would spread her legs apart.  Most of the pee ran through her pants and watered the plants.  Some of the pee soaked the front of her jeans between the crotch and her belt because the jeans were so tight.  She didn't realize how much wetness showed until a little kid pointed at her while walking by with his mother.  Melissa just kept looking up and smiling at everyone as they went by.  When people stopped going by for a moment, she got up, turned around so you could see how wet she was, and through her coat around her as she walked away knowing that she was not going to have to visit a public bathroom once again!

After changing into a dry pair of jeans and doing some more shopping, Melissa realized that she had not told Santa what she wanted for Christmas.  She found the place in the middle of the mall where all the children were visiting Santa and got in line.  As soon as it was her turn, she sat on Santa's lap and told him what she wanted for Christmas (a car, a diamond ring, a new house, etc).  Then as she started to wet her pants, she asked Santa where the restrooms were.  He told her but didn't really catch on to what was happening.  She told Santa she had an accident.  However she had not peed enough for the wetness to soak through Santa's pants and he was totally clueless to what she meant and what she had done.

Since she was facing the kids and parents who were next in line to see Santa, they could see exactly what she had done!  Melissa decided it was time to leave quickly and got up off Santa's lap.  The assistant who took the pictures of children with Santa stopped her and said she still needed to get her picture with Santa so she sat back down on Santa's lap.  The picture was snapped and the photo is shown here with this story.  Melissa then got in line to get her picture as soon as it was developed which took just a little over a minute.  As a large photo surrounded by several small photos was printed out on photography paper, a sales girl asked her how many pictures she would like.  Melissa told her she just wanted the large one.  As the girl cut the larger picture from the sheet of pictures, her smile turned to a puzzled look as she asked Melissa, "Ahhh... do you think you will really want this?"  Melissa just smiled, said "yes" and paid her.

Then Melissa (who had put her coat on) looked around and made a quick exit in a different direction than the one used by everyone else who visited Santa.  At least one plain clothes security guard was waiting for her.  She eluded him by darting in and out of stores as she made her way down the mall toward a large department store.  He managed to follow her as far as the department store but then she lost him by hiding in among the clothing racks in the women's department.  The security guard exited the department store into the parking lot and then decided that Melissa might have made her way to the Women's Room which was located adjacent to the food court in the mall.  He headed across the parking lot toward the food court.  A moment later, while he was still only a few hundred feet away, Melissa exited the department store through the same door that the security guard had used moments earlier.  She quickly made her way to a waiting car and has never been seen in that shopping mall again.



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