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Alicia, Ashley, Desiré, Jennifer, Melissa, Taunette star in “New Friends & Wet Fun”

Alicia and Ashley are out back cleaning a fish tank.  They're getting pretty tired of scrubbing, so Ashley suggests that she'd heard that the acidity of urine might help get the grime off.  Alicia is game to try it out, so she steps into the tank and starts wetting her denim shorts.  Ashley steps in and sits on the edge of the tank and gets ready to wet her light denim shorts too.  She finally releases a small pee through her shorts.  She turns around and bends over a bit to show her wet crotch.

Jennifer is on the couch telling the viewer about things she loves doing.  The first thing is framing pictures of herself in wet pants.  Another thing she loves doing is using a vibrator, which she demonstrates.  She plays with herself through her gray panties for a bit, then goes on to demonstrate another favorite thing (dancing).  She takes off her top, puts on some country music, and dances erotically for a while, in just her panties.  This leads into another favorite thing - she sits back on the edge of the couch, spreads her legs, and wets her panties.  Afterwards, she describes how it makes her feel.

Melissa, Ashley, and Desiré are sitting on the floor in the living room playing a trivia board game.  They quickly find that this is a special game: the answers to all the questions somehow involve pee.  All this pee talk makes them need to go.  Melissa finally decides that she has to demonstrate one of the questions (a dog marking its territory).  She stands and lifts one leg to pee.  She decides she can't do it while holding her leg up, so she puts it back down and slowly-but-surely soaks her tight jeans.  Ashley decides to try it, but kneeling instead of standing.  She lets loose a major flood, thoroughly soaking her pants.  She moans a lot while peeing.  She stands and shows them how her pants are sopping in the back too.

Plus more scenes for 60 minutes of wetting fun!


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