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Alicia, Ashley, Melissa, Lisa, and Tawnette star in “Wet Dreaming”

Alicia is writing a letter to the prez, trying to get a job as the replacement intern.  As she writes, she has to pee, but she continues writing.  She finally can't concentrate anymore and gives up.  The camera goes under the table and gets a good view of her flooding her cutoff jeans shorts.

Tawnette is a bride being stood up at her wedding.  She's pacing around in the wedding dress getting annoyed when the groom calls and informs her he can't make it.  She gets pissed off, literally, and decides to pee all over the dress.  She bunches the train under her feet, lifts the skirt and pees through her panties all over the skirt.

Melissa is in the garage trying to figure out how to get the garage door opener to work.  After climbing up on a tall cabinet, she finds that it is merely unplugged.  She decides to have some fun as long as she's up there, so she sits back, pulls up her skirt and starts masturbating under her grey panties.  After a while, she pees a gusher through her hand and panties while continuing to rub herself.  She then gets down and leaves.

Tawnette is out back hanging up laundry to dry.  She keeps dropping the clothespins, so she decides to keep them in a handy place - on her nipples.  This gets her turned on a bit, so when she starts needing to pee, she decides to just do it in her jeans.  She leans back against the fence, rubs her crotch a few times, and pees a slow pee into the jeans.

Plus more scenes for 60 minutes of wetting fun!


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