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Patches 20
Patches 20 has 8 different girls in what we call “Full House Pee Party.”

Jennifer and Ashley come into the bathroom at a party.  Jennifer has to go bad, but her zipper gets stuck.  She finally can't hold it and wets her pants standing over the toilet.  Jennifer doesn't want to go out alone in wet jeans, so she talks Ashley into wetting her pants too.

Melissa and Angel are sitting out back waiting for the air-conditioner repairman to arrive and they need to pee.  Angel soon can't wait and wets her light blue pants while sitting on the edge of the porch.  This makes Melissa need to go too, so she stands and lets go with a long flood into her jeans shorts.

Melissa and Angel come into the bathroom from the party.  They decide to wet their pants in the shower to break it in.  Angel goes first, leaning against the corner of the shower and releasing a flood into her jeans.  She ends up with some nice, large wet patches down her legs.  Melissa then gets in and tries to she if she can match those wet patches in her beige pants.

Cassidy, Jessica, and Melissa are playing Rummy.  Melissa has to go, but the other's won't let her out to go to the bathroom, so she stands and floods her black shorts.  Play continues, and Jessica gets up to wet her shorts.  While she is trying to get started, Cassidy stands upon the couch, puts one foot on the card table, and wets her dark grey jeans.

Plus more scenes for 60 minutes of wetting fun!


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